Five Teenagers Jailed Over The Murder Of 35-Year-old Father-of-Two In Cramlington, UK

Five teenagers who brutally beat to death a father-of-two who was on a night out with his partner in Cramlington have been jailed.

Five teenagers have been jailed over the murder of Danny Humble
Five teenagers have been jailed over the murder of Danny Humble

Father-of-two, Danny Humble, 35, was on a night out with his partner when they encountered a group of teenagers at an underpass near Romsey Close in Cramlington in the early hours of May 29 last year.

A short verbal altercation took place before the teenagers carried out a vicious attack on Mr Humble, where they kicked, punched, and knocked him to the ground before repeatedly stamping on him.

The victim was rushed to hospital but was tragically pronounced dead the following day.

Police arrested five teenage males - aged between 16 and 17 at the time of the attack.

All of the attackers denied the charges against them.

Following a trial in July, a jury at Newcastle Crown Court found Alistair Dickson, now 18, of Hawkins Way Blyth, guilty of murder.

Ethan Scott, Kyros Robinson, Bailey Wilson, and Owen Soones, were all found guilty of manslaughter.

On Friday at Newcastle Crown Court, Dickson was sentenced to 12 years behind bars, while Scott, Robinson, Wilson, and Soones were all handed six-and-a-half year sentences.

Northumbria Police said in a statement: "This is an extremely tragic case which has seen two children left without a father and a family devastated. Our thoughts very much remain with Danny's loved ones and we will continue to support them in any way we can.

"We would like to thank them for their patience and commend them for the dignity they have shown during the investigation and throughout the court proceedings.

"This has been a complex investigation that relied on the support of the community and witnesses who came forward - and I would again like to thank everyone for their assistance.

"So many lives have been destroyed by what happened that night.

"Those responsible have not only caused pain and suffering to Danny's family but also for their own loved ones. "This case clearly shows that no one wins where violence is concerned and I want to send a clear message to anyone who believes that such actions are acceptable - the consequences are devastating and can rip lives apart."

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