Five-Year-Old Boy Playing Outside His Grandmother's House Is Mauled By Neighbour's Pit Bulls

A five-year-old boy is currently recovering after being viciously mauled by two pit bulls that jumped out of a neighbour's van while he was playing outside his grandmother's house.

Hunter Callender, 5, was brutally attacked by two pit bulls in Michigan
Hunter Callender, 5, was brutally attacked by two pit bulls in Michigan

5-year-old Hunter Callender was brutally mauled by two pit bulls in Michigan while playing outside the home of his grandmother's earlier this month.

The young boy's family has said that Hunter suffered serious facial injuries that required reconstructive surgery.

On a GoFundMe post for Hunter, it said: "The neighbours son has two pit bulls that apparently escaped his vehicle while he was getting something out of it. The two dogs ran and violently attacked Hunter, causing him to suffer broken bones to his face, gashes to his head, face, and neck."

Hunter's mother, Ashley White, said that the 5-year-old has "been pretty down" and "pretty traumatised by the whole event."

She added, "It's been a lot. It's definitely a rough road from here."

Ms White explained that Hunter has more surgeries coming up to remove the wiring in his jaw and to correct his double vision, and doctors have said he will require dental treatment to correct his damaged teeth.

Ms White added: "My son's had good spirit in phases. Now he's come around for a little while, but other than that, he's just not the same.

"And we're just really ready for him to get recovering and coming back to being a normal kid that can go outside and play like he loves to do."

After the attack, both of the dogs were taken by animal control in Montcalm County and have both been humanely destroyed.

Police have confirmed that the owner of the dogs faces two dangerous animal charges and had no licenses for them. If convicted the charges carry a prison sentence of up to four years.

Prosecutors have said that the identity of the owner will be kept from the public until they are arraigned in court next week.

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