Former Scottish Teacher Jailed For Sexually Abusing Schoolgirls Appealed To Serve Sentence At Home

A former Newton Mearns teacher who spent almost 20 years sexually abusing schoolgirls has appealed to be released from prison early and serve his remaining sentence at home.

Sex Offender William Wright
William Wright, 81, was ordered to serve the rest of his sentence in prison

Serial child sex offender and former music teacher William Wright who terrorised young schoolgirls at Eastwood High School put in his bid for freedom just one year into his four-year jail term.

Just a year after the depraved sex offender was sentenced at Paisley Sheriff Court the 81-year-old requested that he would be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence at home.

Wright's appeal to be released on a Home Detention Curfew was rejected by the Parole Board for Scotland as they said he still poses a significant risk to children.

Authorities ordered that Wright, from Elderslie, must remain behind bars to complete his initial sentence. They also sent a letter to his victims explaining the reasons they have deemed him not safe to be released back into the community.

The letter said: "The offender did not accept responsibility for their offences or that there was anything about their behaviour which led to their convictions.

"They therefore considered that they did not pose a risk of harm to children and did not need to change. The Board disagreed. "The offender lacked insight into the risk they presented and took no personal responsibility for the harm done to their victims. "Little to nothing was known about their pathways to offending, making it impossible for social work to formulate an adequately tailored community facing risk management plan."

The letter added: "Neither prison-based nor community-based social work recommended release as the offender was unable to engage with them, show insight, or take any responsibility for why they found themselves the subject of a long-term sentence for sexual offending against children.

"Due to this intransigence, offence-focused work would be limited. "The offender was assessed as having a deviant sexual preference, had not carried out offence-focused work, and was unable to participate in programme work due to their limited insight.

"It was the view of the Board that their risk was not currently manageable in the community.

"That the offender was able to follow prison rules did not persuade the Board that their risk was safely manageable in the community because there are no potential victims in custody."

Wright was jailed for abusing former pupils at the Newton Mearns School, which prompted other ex-students to reach out to police about their abuse at the hands of the music teacher.

Last year Wright was charged with abusing three women when they were teenagers and put on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court.

One of the women told the court that Wright had abused her more than 100 times in her first year of high school. After she gave evidence, Wright struck a plea deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to charges in relation to her and was sentenced to four years in prison for the offences.

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