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Four Catholic Nuns Kidnapped By Armed Men On Highway In Nigeria

Security issues continue to grow in Nigeria as four Catholic nuns have been abducted by armed men while travelling to a thanksgiving service.

Nigeria has seen a dramatic increase in kidnappings and ransom demands
Nigeria has seen a dramatic increase in kidnappings and ransom demands

A local convent said on Monday that a group of gunmen abducted four Catholic nuns in Nigeria's Imo state in the southeast, this is the latest in a string of kidnappings in the country recently.

Recently armed bandits have been kidnapping people from villages and highways mainly in the northwest and demanding ransom payments for their safe return.

Fear is growing in Nigeria due to the increase in kidnappings making road travel unsafe in Africa's most populated country.

Zita Ihedoro, secretary general of Sisters of Jesus, the Saviour Generalate, said that the four nuns were kidnapped while travelling from Rivers state to Imo for a thanksgiving service on Sunday, and said, "We implore for intense prayer for their quick and safe release."

According to reports, Nigeria's armed forces have started an air offensive in the northwest to target the armed groups that are abducting citizens from local towns and villages in the region.

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