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Four People Critically Injured After Being Struck By Lightning Outside The White House

During a severe thunderstorm in Washington, four people have been left fighting for their lives after being struck by lightning outside the White House.

Emergency services at the scene in Washington DC
Emergency services at the scene in Washington DC

Two women and two men suffered critical injuries after they were struck by lightning in Lafayette Park in Washington DC, just 150 metres away from the White House.

Due to the park's proximity to the White House, United States Secret Services members were deployed to give emergency aid.

The lightning struck yards away from the perimeter fence that surrounds the presidential residence.

Emergency responders from the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department attended the scene at around 6.52pm local time on Thursday evening.

Vito Maggiolo, a spokesman who had to issue a statement from inside his car due to the storm conditions, said: "All four victims were suffering from critical, life-threatening injuries.

"We were able to quickly treat and transport all four patients and they were all taken to area hospitals."

He also thanked the United States Park Police and the Secret Service for their fast response to the incident. The four injured people have not been named and it is not yet known if they were known to each other.

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