Gerald Anderson UFO Interview: The man who claims he witnessed a crashed UFO and four aliens in 1947

Gerald Anderson passed a polygraph test whilst giving an incredible interview claiming that in 1947 he witnessed a crashed alien UFO with 4 extra-terrestrials inside.

Gerald Anderson gave an astonishing interview claiming that in 1947 that he and his family / friends came across a crashed UFO in New Mexico.

Gerald Anderson gives an in-depth account of the craft and the four alien beings it is said that were with the spacecraft.

Anderson describes in detail the appearance of the extra terrestrials as well as stating that one of the aliens appeared to survive the crash reportedly uninjured.

It is worth noting that Gerald Anderson took a polygraph test in regards to the interview he gave and the statements he made, the polygraph expert confirmed that it appeared that he was telling the truth and the test gave no indication to any lies being told throughout.

This story appears to collaborate with the interview given by Glenn Dennis in 1947 relating to the Roswell Crash.

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