Pervert Postman Jailed After Being Pushed From Ladder Trying To Steal Woman's Knickers

A perverted postman from Dorset who broke his foot when a woman pushed him off a ladder he was using to climb into her bedroom to steal her underwear has been jailed.

Glen Holden pervert postman
Glen Holden, 58, has been jailed for 8 months after breaking into women's homes and stealing their underwear

58-year-old Glen Holden had a disturbing sexual fetish of stealing the underwear of those he had been delivering post to during his 30 years of service with Royal Mail.

The peculiar sex pest dressed up in military-style black clothing with a beanie hat and head torch while he carried out the weird thefts.

Using his knowledge of his victims' homes and equipped with an extendable ladder he climbed through their bedroom windows.

His perversions were brought to an end when one woman caught him trying to climb through her window at 1am and pushed him off his ladder.

The pervy postman fell 20ft into the victim's front garden, breaking his foot, before managing to hobble away from the scene and back into his car.

A local who witnessed him leaving the property informed police of his identity and he was arrested five days later, by which time his left leg was in a cast.

Disgraced Holden limped into Bournemouth Crown Court for sentencing for two counts of burglary, after previously admitting to entering several properties on Manor Road and King's Road in Sherborne, Dorset, to steal underwear for his own sexual gratification. Holden told the court that after he was finished with the stolen underwear, he washed them and snuck back into the victim's homes to return them.

Prosecutor Arthea Brooks, said: "He was a postal worker and he knew the area well. He knew the owners of the properties and delivered to them.

"He made it plain that his intention had been to steal underwear, that it is a compulsion that he suffers from that he takes underwear which he uses for sexual gratification then washes it and returns it.

"He explained that his victims knew him.

"The first incident occurred on Manor Road at around 1.30am.

"The victim and her partner were asleep when something caused her to wake with a start. They checked the house but couldn't see anyone. "She noticed a moving white light through a glass door. She realised there was a ladder propped up against the window. It was an extendable ladder. It had been brought to the scene by the defendant.

"In the second incident, the victim was house-sitting at a property on King's Road. She had been aware of some noise. She got up and went to the front window to see if there was someone outside. "When she moved to the window she could see someone trying to climb in. She was in fear and shock.

"She pushed him away but quickly tried to grab his arm to stop him from falling - but of course he did and that fall caused him to break his foot. "The defendant limped to the car and left the scene."

Judge Jonathan Fuller sentenced 58-year-old Glen Holden to eight months behind bars.

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