Goldskull Pro: The Company That Claims To Have Revolutionised Head Shaving

Now as far as businesses go, this is pretty cool, the Goldskull Pro not only looks like it is going to be amazing, it is like the Dyson of the shaving world, and if it is half as good as the company that makes it claims it is, is going to be on every shaving man's Christmas list.

Now if you are a head shaver, you are fully aware of the pain that it can be, some people don't realise that when they see that shiny smooth head coming towards them, it has taken the proud owner a fair bit of effort to have it looking that way! GoldSkull has created the world's first electric razor that is designed predominantly for shaving heads, a product that those who shave their heads every day have been crying out for!

It boasts a patented blade system that cuts the hair at skin level, giving you an ultra-close shave without the risk of any unwanted nicks.

The ergonomic design is easy to hold and use, even with one hand. And its powerful battery will last up to 90 minutes on a single charge – enough time for most people to shave their entire head multiple times before needing another charge!

Struggling for time before work? Goldskull have you covered, they claim that you will never need more than 5 minutes to create an all-over head-shaving masterpiece.


GoldSkull Pro is a rapidly growing company based in the UK that offers worldwide delivery on all its products. We love a business that has excellent reviews, Goldskull Pro certainly has that so we thought that they deserved a mention!

Now if you are a customer of GoldSkull Pro we would love to hear your opinions on the product in the comments section below. If you know of a unique business that you think deserves some recognition, get in touch with us and let us know!


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