Group Of Armed Men Storm Animal Safe Haven And Shoot Dead 29 Dogs In Qatar

A group of armed men have attacked a secure factory colony in Qatar where numerous stray dogs were being looked after by the community. They have shot dead 29 dogs and injured many others.

One of the dogs injured in the attack in Qatar
One of the dogs injured in the attack in Qatar

A group of armed men stormed into a secure area in Qatar and shot dead 29 dogs and left countless others seriously injured, according to PAWS Rescue Qatar on Sunday.

The gunmen threatened security staff with firearms before entering the secure factory colony - an area where stray dogs are fed and cared for by the community. The men then shot dead 29 dogs, including several puppies, and left many others with serious injuries.

The armed group claimed that they had shot the helpless animals because one of the dogs had apparently bitten one of the gunmen's young children.

A witness told The Independent that the incident was "horrific" and left members of the public running for cover while the group of men massacred the defenceless animals.

They said: "The men came on the first day of Eid so it was very quiet and that's why I think they picked that time because they knew they were less likely to be caught.

"They threatened the security guards with weapons and then people were running for cover and scared for their lives. It's absolutely horrific, but it happens quite regularly here and nothing is ever done.

"Its dogs that are specifically targeted and people are shooting them with weapons, it's absolutely awful."

The witness added that following the attack a number of animals are missing, and locals now fear they are hiding, with potentially life-threatening injuries.

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