Gunman Opens Fire In Montenegro Killing Eleven Before Police Shoot Him Dead

A mass shooting in Montenegro has left twelve people dead including the gunman after he reportedly started shooting at random in the city of Cetinje, following a family dispute.

Montenegro gunman opened fire randomly at people in the street
The mass shooting took place in Cetinje, Montenegro on Friday, 12 August

The 34-year-old gunman killed eleven people and wounded six others, including a police officer, during the shooting that took place on Friday in the Medovina neighbourhood.

News agency RTCG reported that the gunman was shooting randomly at people walking in the street, including children.

The report stated that four of the wounded were transferred to a hospital in Cetinje while two others with serious injuries to sent to a hospital in the capital, Podgorica.

The gunman was shot dead by police.

Police have not yet given an official statement but they did tell local media that the incident followed a family dispute. Authorities have blocked off the scene.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dritan Abazović, said on his Telegram channel that "an unprecedented tragedy" had taken place in Cetinje, and called for the country "to be, in their thoughts, with the families of the innocent victims, their relatives, friends and all the people of Cetinje".

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