Horror In France As Entombed Corpse Is Found Buried Inside Concrete Wall In Popular Bar In Nice

Police have discovered a body that had been buried in the concrete wall of a popular bar in downtown Nice after finding traces of blood on the premises during a search. The manager has been arrested.

The entombed corpse was found in L'Atrium in Nice
The entombed corpse was found in L'Atrium in Nice

Police in a French holiday hotspot have found an unidentified body buried in the concrete wall of the bar L'Atrium in downtown nice. The grim discovery was made after authorities found traces of blood in the cellar during a search on Wednesday at the property on 66 Rue De France.

The manager of the upmarket bar was arrested for "kidnapping and unlawful confinement resulting in death".

Nice Deputy Public Prosecutor told AFP that several people are currently being questioned over the incident in police custody.

According to authorities the manager of the bar has allegedly confessed to killing the man after an argument and putting him in the concrete slab.

The local fire service extracted the body from the concrete block.

An investigation was initially launched by the prosecutor's office after the unnamed victim's disappearance caused concern. Man Arrested In Germany After Severed Head Is Left On Steps Outside Court Building


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