House remains abandoned for nearly 30 years after the last owners all succumb to a brutal ending

An urban explorer has recently taken it upon himself to go to a house located in Bangkok, Thailand, which has been abandoned for nearly thirty years and film what remains of this horrible reminder of four brutal deaths.

Abandoned murder house in Thailand
The remains of the home in Bangkok were all it's residents met a gruesome end

Just last month the 40-year-old, Dax Ward, an explorer from Arkansas visited the

abandoned house and filmed and photographed what remained.

The images that were produced from this house were enough for the most pessimistic non-believers to question the possibility of life after death. The eerie appearance of this house, combined with the everlasting tragic tale of the fate of its final residents is enough to petrify anyone.

Haunted house in Thailand
This photo taken by Dax Ward, shows the remains of the eerie interior of the property

According to locals the last occupiers of this house were almost destined for the fate that they had met. They were living in the house in the late 1980s but were all killed in the 1990s. A mother, father and their two daughters. The father was the first to die in this tragic tale, the father was killed after a disagreement with the neighbour which ended with the neighbour shooting and killing the father of the family.

After the father was killed, the mother had to find a way to provide for what was left of her family. So she chose to appoint herself as being the avatar of the Goddess Kali, also known as the Goddess of doom and death. She believed it to the point where she would torture and keep her servants captive in their home telling them that their job was to serve their "Goddess".

Murder house
Since the murders occurred the property has just been left abandoned

When the servants grew sick of the diabolical treatment they were receiving they planned their escape. Using blunt objects beat the mother alongside her two daughters to death.

After the mother and two daughters were bludgeoned to death their bodies were left on the second floor and the servants escaped.

The house has been abandoned ever since.


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