Indian Villagers Catch & Tie Up Huge Crocodile They Suspected Of Swallowing A Boy Whole

A 13-foot crocodile was captured and tied up by villagers in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh after they believed it had swallowed a seven-year-old child whole, the young boy had gone missing while swimming in the Chambal river.

Antar Singh, 7, was killed in a suspected crocodile attack
Antar Singh, 7, was killed in a suspected crocodile attack

Residents of Sheopur city claimed that 7-year-old Antar Singh, who had been swimming with friends in the Chambal river on Monday, was still alive inside the crocodile after believing the reptile had swallowed the young boy whole. However, the body of the boy was found floating in the river the next morning.

Antar had gone missing while he was swimming in the river, when his parents went out to search for him, some of the locals told them that they had witnessed a crocodile swallow him alive.

Dozens of local residents jumped into the river and swam out using nets to capture the 13-foot crocodile.

Once they had the huge reptile out of the water they tied it up and propped its jaws open with a large stick to "prevent it from chewing".

The Captured Crocodile

The Times of India reported that the villagers were sure the crocodile had swallowed the child because of its "bloated belly". According to the newspaper, the boy's family were even calling out his name in the hope that he would reply from inside the reptile.

Forest officials were alerted as to what was going on and rushed in to stop the villagers from cutting open the belly of the crocodile. Authorities then sent out a rescue team to search for the missing child.

The body of Antar Singh was found floating in the river with deep wounds that indicated he had been attacked by a crocodile.

Officials managed to convince the angry villagers to release the crocodile away from human habitation.

Raghunathpur police officer, Shyamveer Singh Tomar, was quoted as saying: "This crocodile was turning into a man-eater. It had made similar attacks earlier also. It has killed and devoured several cows. This time we have released it far away from human settlements."

Forest officials said that hundreds of crocodiles live in the Chambal river and attacks on humans have become much more frequent recently.

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