Inside the Dulce Alien Base: The terrifying stories surrounding the underground base in New Mexico

For generations, conspiracy theorists and ufologists have claimed that there is a secret base underneath the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, New Mexico, where the military work alongside aliens and even experiment on humans.

The tiny hamlet of Dulce, New Mexico has less than 3,000 residents, virtually off-grid this small community has been a hotbed for alien conspiracy theorists and ufologists for years, many believing that hidden beneath the Mesa is a top-secret, seven-story military facility that is known today as the Dulce Base.

Dulce is mainly inhabited by Indigenous people and is the headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation of northern New Mexico, despite its small population, the area draws a large amount of tourists from around the world, a group of ufologists host an annual "Dulce Base UFO Conference."

Although rumours about an underground alien base operating around Dulce have been strong for years, it is important to note that the existence of the supposed facility is entirely unproven even though the reports and stories surrounding it are extremely well documented.

Stories started coming to light in the mid-1970s when Gabriel Valdez, a New Mexico State Trooper reported a number of disturbing cattle mutilations. Valdez even went as far as claiming he witnessed a "sophisticated spacecraft" in the Dulce skies, close to where the Dulce Base is said to be situated. He is also said to have found a mutilated cow that had a dead fetus inside, however, he made the horrifying claim that this was no unborn calf, he said that it appeared as though it was some form of hybrid that "looked like a human, a monkey and a frog." Debris that was left surrounding the cattle mutilations gave Valdez the impression that the government was involved in someway.

“The evidence that was left there — you know, predators don’t leave gas masks, glow sticks, radar chaff,” Valdez said. “They don’t leave that stuff.”

Michael Barkun, a political scientist said that cattle mutilations appear frequently following on from nearby UFO sightings. He also added that the Colorado-New Mexico border region had become a hotbed for both UFO sightings and cattle mutilation reports by the early 1980s.

Dulce Alien base cattle mutilations
Gabriel Valdez, inspecting a cattle mutilation close to where it is reported that the Dulce Base is located.

These claims made by Valdez gathered a lot of interest from all over the globe. A physicist and businessman by the name of Paul Bennewitz allegedly intercepted electronic signals in Dulce that he claimed were emanating from deep down below the surface and directed at a target that was too high for any human activity.

With a national and even global interest growing in cattle mutilations, UFO sightings and bold claims of unexplainable electronic signals, the Dulce Base legend was born. In 1982 Bennewitz made claim that the base existed and then went on to publish a paper titled "Project Beta" in 1988, detailing the best way to infiltrate the facility.

In May of 1990, John Lear, former pilot, government employee and the son of the inventor of the Learjet made the claim that he had gathered "four independent confirmations" that the seven-story Dulce Base was in fact real and certainly did exist, due to his credentials many people gave credence to his claims. He even went as far as to detail the different species of aliens who he said had visited earth.

John Lear on aliens
John Lear has claimed that there are over 70 different species of aliens that we currently know about.

The next huge claims came from Phil Schneider who claimed to be a former government employee and explosives expert, Schneider claimed that he was involved in the construction of the Dulce Base.

Schneider made several public presentations about underground bases and laid many claims to the governments working alongside aliens, his most famous statement came in a presentation in 1995 in which he alleged that during the initial construction stages of the Dulce Base the military encountered alien beings already beneath the ground.

Not only did he claim to have seen the beings with his own eyes, he said that he was caught up in a firefight between soldiers and alien lifeforms, during the chaos he reported that he lost several fingers and suffered severe burns. Schneider said that the US Government and the alien entities entered into a peace agreement.

Schneider claimed that approximately 60 US military personnel were killed in this apparent firefight below the desert, none of what he said has ever been proven, however, he does have a lot of credibility throughout the UFO research community, he died in 1996 by a reported suicide, many people believe he was murdered to ensure he was silenced.

Phil Schneider Dulce base
Phil Schneider claimed to have been involved in a firefight with alien entities at the Dulce Base

There has been many illustrations released of the reported layout of the Dulce Base. Many UFO researchers are certain that the Dulce Base has seven stories and spans two miles into the ground, each level more secure and secretive than the last.

It is reported that each level of the base is designed for a specific type of research, ranging from mind-control on humans to genetic experimentation between alien and humans. It is claimed that two species of alien, the Grey's and the Reptilian's have their own separate housing within the Dulce Base. "Nightmare Hall" as it has been named, is said to be the sixth floor and is host to some of the most terrifying stories about the goings on in the Dulce Base.

It is here, "Nightmare Hall" that allegedly is filled with the screams of human victims that are being experimented on. Schneider claimed that although the Dulce Base is a huge complex he stated that is was merely one of the other 129 secret underground facilities of its kind that are scattered around the United States.

Schneider also claimed that the United States spends on average between $50 and $80 billion per year on a so-called "black budget" that covered the costs of these underground alien facilities.

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