Interview With Elizabeth Klarer: The Woman Who Claimed To Have A Child With An Alien Called Akon

Elizabeth Klarer's interview in which she discusses her fascinating claims that she was abducted by aliens, taken to a planet called Meton, and even gave birth to a hybrid child with her extraterrestrial lover "Akon".

Elizabeth Klarer Alien Abduction Story
The fascinating story of the alien abduction of Elizabeth Klarer

Elizabeth Klarer, a South African woman claimed that for approximately four months she lived on a planet of Proxima Centauri, fell in love with the extraterrestrial that took her there, and even became the first woman who detailed how they had sexual intercourse with a being from a different planet.

One of the most intriguing stories within Ufology, Klarer explained many a time that everything she had said was true, from her journey through the stars to falling in love with an alien and giving birth to his child.

Prior to her alien abduction, Elizabeth Klarer had a relatively active life, she served in the Royal Air Force during WWII and was interested in meteorology, aviation, and music.

However, in 1956, she said that her life was turned upside down and made the remarkable claims that she was abducted by an extraterrestrial name Akon who came from Meton, a planet of Proxima Centauri, approximately 4.3 light-years away from Earth. Elizabeth Klarer even painted a portrait of what she detailed her extraterrestrial partner "Akon" looked like.

Interview With Elizabeth Klarer:

Klarer claimed that she and "Akon" had a son together, however, she explained how her hybrid child had to stay on the planet Meton when she was returned to Earth after four months of living the planet.

She claimed that after returning to Earth she started to develop heart problems, which she believed were due to the magnetic fields on the planet Meton.

Elizabeth Klarer said that "Akon" and the others told her they came from Venus and that they had lived there before it turned into a cold chunk of rock. When the planet Venus died, they moved to the planet Meton and now lived there. They supposedly told her that when they lived on Venus, many other planets existed that were similar to Earth.

The extraterrestrials said that Venus died due to a change in its orbit, and coming too close to the Sun, once they understood that their planet would soon become inhospitable they left, using the Earth, and the Moon as temporary stops.

During her time as an alien abductee, she said she learned that Venusians still have bases on Mars, the Moon, and even the Earth, regularly visiting them all, even having a feeling of responsibility for humans on Earth.

After her experience with those from the planet Meton, Elizabeth Klarer wrote a book called, Beyond The Light Barrier.

In her book, she attempted to convey a message of care, love, and peace. Detailing how she believed that the highest authorities around the world intentionally hide this information from public view.

In the voluminous Parthenon correspondence file at AFU are the letters from almost all of the well-known alien contactees from the 1950s and 60s. Edith Nicolaisen, the founder of the Parthenon publishing house, had the ambition to try and publish and translate as many alien contactee books in Swedish as possible. The Nicolaisen - Klarer correspondence file consists of 23 letters that were written between 1956-1976.

On July 17, 1956, Elizabeth claimed to have taken seven photographs of the flying saucer. Edith Nicolaisen read the Flying Saucer Review article and immediately wrote a letter to Elizabeth Klarer, she received a reply on February 7, 1957.

Elizabeth Klarer UFO
The photos featured in the Flying Saucer Review taken my Elizabeth Klarer

In the second letter that Edith Nicolaisen sent to Elizabeth, she gave a detailed summary of her own experiences in life, this was something she was usually reluctant to do, certainly revealing personal details of her life, but she was somewhat more open when writing to other contactees around the world. In one letter it read. "You know, George A, has often written that 'the brothers' from other planets walk among us, and I do believe that I had met one at Stockholm and one at Copenhagen, George told me once that they have a very characteristic feature - and I believe that I have recognized this particular feature. The latter at Copenhagen could have been 40 years but also 400 years. Next time I shall try to get the courage to address this type of gentlemen."

Elizabeth Klarer letters
Elizabeth Klarer's reply to Edith Nicolaisen

In her last letter written to Edith Nicolaisen on November 27, 1965, Elizabeth Klarer wrote regarding Beyond the Light Barrier: "This book is a must for you and I hope you will be able to publish it at Parthenon." Edith however, never replied, ultimately ending twenty years of friendship and correspondence with silence.

She did publish the second edition of Klarer's first book, I rymdskepp över Drakensberg, but failed to mention the second book. Rather than attempting to understand what had happened to Elizabeth Klarer or expressing her doubts or questions, Edith simply ended the contact.

No doubt the story of Elizabeth Klarer is fascinating, the question remains as to whether it is fact or fiction, let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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