Italian Court Clears Man Of Rape After Woman Left The Toilet Door Open "Giving Him Hope"

A court in Italy has acquitted a man of rape after it ruled that the victim had given him an "invitation" after leaving her toilet door open and "gave him hope". The same court just two years ago acquitted a man over a rape charge because the victim "didn't scream".

Outrage across Italy as man is cleared of raping a woman in Turin
Outrage across Italy as man is cleared of raping a woman in Turin

The incident apparently took place in the toilet of a bar in Turin in 2019. The woman reportedly asked the man if he would show her where the bathroom was, she left the door ajar and asked him to pass her some tissue, according to a local Italian newspaper CronacaQui.

The man was initially convicted of sexual assault but the Court of Appeal overturned the conviction after stating that the alleged victim "gave him hope" by her actions.

Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera said that the woman's deposition had previously said she had said "no" several times and "what the f*** are you doing?"

The decision made by the court has caused outrage across Italy, with politicians calling the decision deplorable.

The vice-president of the Five Star Movement, Maria Edera Spadoni, said the fight against gender-based violence "risked being undermined by such rulings". In a tweet, she said: "Women must feel looked after and have faith in the justice system."

Amnesty Italia has said the ruling showed "stereotypes continue to exist in the halls of justice."

The defendant, 25, had initially been sentenced to serve two years and two months in prison back in 2021.

The Court of Appeal said: "We cannot exclude the possibility that the young woman had given the man hope, getting him to accompany her to the bathroom, pass her some tissue, keeping the door half-open, an opening certainly read by the accused as an invitation to go ahead".

Just several years ago a man was acquitted of rape in Turin because "the woman did not scream". British Tory MP Jamie Wallis Was "Wearing Mini-Skirt And High Heels" When He Crashed His Car


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