Italian Police Seize £1.2 Million Worth Of Cocaine Hidden In Wheelchair

Authorities in Italy have discovered cocaine with a street value of almost £1.2 million hidden in a motorised wheelchair.

The drug seizure was made at the Malpensa Airport in Italy
The drug seizure was made at the Malpensa Airport in Italy

A sniffer dog at Malpensa Airport in Milan alerted authorities to the large haul of cocaine.

The suspect in the wheelchair was pretending to be disabled in the hope of avoiding detection and not arousing suspicion, however, this failed and the Financial Guard police found the narcotics stuffed inside the upholstery of the wheelchair.

Police confirmed that the man was arrested at the scene and remains in their custody.

The sniffer dog was being used to inspect passengers and luggage arriving from the Dominican Republic, which is a commonly used route for drug smuggling.

Initially, when the dog alerted customs officers to the wheelchair, police searched the suspects' luggage and found nothing. It wasn't until cutting open the upholstery of the wheelchair that the cocaine was found.

Authorities said that after the cocaine had been found, the suspect, a Spanish man, stood up from the wheelchair and walked normally.

The haul consisted of 11 packets of cocaine, with a total weight of 13.24kg, which police claim could have been distributed in 27,000 smaller packets, giving it a street value of around £1.2m.

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