Former Pupil Wearing Swastika Kills 15 In Deadly Russian School Shooting

A gunman with a swastika on his t-shirt opened fire at a school in Russia, killing 15 and wounding 24. Among those killed were 11 children, and out of the injured 22 were children.

Russia School Shooting
Police and emergency services outside the scene of the shooting

The gunman, named by authorities as Artem Kazantsev, aged in his thirties, and a former pupil at the school, shot dead two security guards before opening fire on students and teachers at School Number 88 in Izhevsk.

Russia's Investigative Committee said it was looking into the shooters' suspected links with neo-Naziasm.

In a statement, the committee said: "Currently investigators are conducting a search of his residence and studying the personality of the attacker, his views and surrounding milieu.

"Checks are being made into his adherence to neo-fascist views and Nazi ideology."

School shooting Russia
Armed police officers secure the area surrounding the school

The gunman, who was allegedly dressed all in black, with a swastika drawn on his t-shirt, killed himself at the scene.

The Investigative Committee added that out of those killed, 11 were children, and out of the 24 wounded victims, all but two of them were children.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, said Russian President Vladimir Putin "deeply mourns" the attack, and described the incident as "a terrorist act by a person who apparently belongs to a neo-fascist organisation".

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