Jake Atkin From Hull Beat His Puppy Unconscious & Threatened To "Kill It" After It Urinated On Him

A man from Hull has beat his puppy so severely that it was knocked unconscious after it urinated on his leg. After beating the dog the man demanded his friend come and collect the puppy or he was going to "kill it".

Jake Atkin from Hull almost beat his 8-week-old puppy to death
Jake Atkin from Hull almost beat his 8-week-old puppy to death

24-year-old Jake Atkin had already taken the eight-week-old whippet puppy, Blaze, to the vet on two separate occasions, once after it was injured "walking into a door", and another time for accidentally eating chocolate. On November 27 last year, just four weeks after Atkin took ownership of Blaze, he flew into a fit of rage while talking to a friend on the phone because the puppy had urinated on his leg.

Hull Magistrates Court heard how the puppy was left unconscious and could have easily died.

Jake Atkin, of Pitt Street, Hull, previously admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and appeared before magistrates on Monday for sentencing.

Philip Brown, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told the court what happened that day in November, last year.

Mr Brown said: "That day a friend of the defendant returned Blaze to him after looking after him for a while. Later she called him and they were talking and then the phone went dead.

"She called him back and he was in an exceptionally agitated state because he said 'the dog had p****d on his leg. She lost contact again, and when she got hold of him again he was still very angry and told her that if she did not collect the puppy he would 'kill it'.

"She went over to the defendant's home as quickly as possible. She found the puppy unconscious and he was taken to the PDSA. The vet examined him and found he had life-threatening injuries and he remained unconscious until the next day.

"The injuries included blood to his right eye and extensive swelling to his head. The vet concluded the injuries were not caused accidentally but by blunt force trauma."

puppy Blaze was almost beaten to death by owner Jake Atkin
Blaze was almost beaten to death by owner Jake Atkin

Luckily, Blaze managed to make a recovery, however, because of his very young age, vets are not sure if the injuries he sustained will have a long-lasting impact.

Mr Brown added: "Blaze has been rehomed and is recovering from his ordeal. This was a serious situation and he suffered significant pain.

"The defendant said he had a blackout and could not explain how the animal came by its injuries. It is clear he lost all self-control. He suffers from bipolar and was taking steroids, which led to his anger issues."

The magistrates sentenced Atkin to a 12-month community order with a mental health treatment requirement for six months. They also banned him from owning any animal for a period of five years. Atkin was also ordered to pay £400 costs and a £95 surcharge.

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