Jenny The Haunted Doll: First Report on Welcoming Jenny to Her New Home

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Several weeks ago we had a reportedly haunted doll named Jenny delivered to his home, we wanted to see for ourselves, if she was in fact haunted as claimed. Here is our employees first report after having her in his home for two weeks.

Jenny the Haunted Doll
Meet Jenny, the supposed haunted doll that has been living with me for the last two weeks.

Ok, so just as normally happens in an average work day, I leave the office agreeing to have a haunted doll delivered to my home, intrigue and peer pressure certainly played a part in my acceptance of this idea, disregarding how I was to explain this one to my wife.

A collector of paranormal items contacted our office and asked if we would be interested in them sending us Jenny, they told us that this doll had a very negative energy to it and they no longer wanted to keep her, so obviously our office jumped at the chance and all agreed in my absence that I should keep her for awhile...

The back story of Jenny, the haunted doll:

We were told that Jenny had been designed and decorated by someone into the "darker side" as he worded it, of the paranormal world. He claimed that Jenny had joined this doll during a ritual, we were told that Jenny claimed to be a witch and that it was a common occurrence for people around the doll to experience a recurring dream of either being hung, or hanging someone. He also said that Jenny, if kept in the room in which you sleep, would often cause a dark shadow to frequently appear at the end of the bed, even sometimes waking you up with the feeling of being slapped across the face.

Jenny arrives, the dog hates her immediately:

The text message from DPD comes through, your parcel is due to be with you between 11:27-12:27 today, usually this means I will have to check next doors bush at around tea time as nothing has arrived, however, as scheduled, a driver comes bounding to the door carrying a large brown box, and sure enough it was Jenny...

As with any parcel that arrives, my 7-month-old Saluki instantly thinks its something for him and follows intently awaiting for you to open his parcel and give him whatever you must have bought him inside, usually after realising the contents are not edible, he simply disappears off in his search for something else, this time he didn't! From the moment Jenny was removed from the cardboard box that she had been living in for the last few days, the dog showed his utter dislike for her, barking, crying and backing away, as well as trying to take a chunk out of her hair (I don't imagine she was impressed with this part).

Jenny the haunted doll
Jenny, the haunted doll's sleeping arrangements...

Getting her settled in:

So after putting the dog's dislike for our new guest down to the fact he was disappointed that she wasn't a bag of treats, I carried on with my usual afternoon at home, no strange knocking, no strange senses (I don't know what I was actually expecting to happen), before getting her settled on the shelf in our bedroom, my side of the bed on a shelf looking directly down to where I sleep, I had read that if she was in fact haunted, this would likely get the most from her.

Introducing our new lady guest to my wife:

Introducing Jenny to my wife went just how you would likely imagine introducing any new woman you invited to sleep in your bedroom without first explaining yourself, she took a similar dislike to Jenny as the dog did, without trying to bite her hair though, and if I am being honest she took some slight persuasion to come round to idea of having her, even for a little while! I would say my wife is somewhat more of a believer when it comes to things like this, and certainly not the sceptic that I often am, I am one that prefers physical evidence than hearsay and stories.

All quiet on the western front:

After laying in bed on the first night staring at her, like I was waiting for her start turning the lights on, banging the wardrobe doors or come flying off the shelf in a fit of rage, she almost got forgotten about, no strange dreams, no shadow people at the end of the bed and no stranger slapping me awake in the morning.

With nothing out of the ordinary occurring over the course of the next 3 or 4 days I had convinced myself Jenny was simply a doll with a bit of a bad paint job. The man that had sent her to us emailed to see how we were getting on with her, I told him nothing had happened and was told she will need awhile to "settle in".

The Wife vs Jenny (Round 1):

4 or 5 days passed by, still nothing, just a strange looking doll sat on the shelf next to my bed, ruining what feeling of masculinity I had left. A normal Thursday morning, approximately 6:30 am, we were sat having a coffee before my usual outing with the dog before work.

Normally I get back after about an hour, drop the dog off and away to work for the day, this day started somewhat differently! My wife, normally showered, dressed, hair done, ready for work is still sat on the sofa glaring at me through the window upon my return.

She was refusing to go upstairs, absolutely adamant that she had heard footsteps on the landing above, rather than going to investigate, unfortunately for Jenny (and me) the doll instantly got the blame and I was told she needed to go!

After a brief altercation, I somewhat sarcastically went upstairs to investigate, as I expected Jenny was sat on her shelf, no shadow people and no problems, after a slightly tense 30 minutes we both left for work, luckily by the end of the day she appeared to have forgotten about the mornings antics.

This has happened on several occasions now, resulting in my wife disliking me and Jenny slightly more each day, as well as getting ready prior to me taking the dog out. I, as expected have taken a more sceptic approach the footsteps and putting it down to the fact she has now got this into her head and her thoughts are running away with her... (I hope)

Haunted Doll in the house
A few beers resulted in the bright idea of trying to involve Jenny in the evening TV time

Jenny on the bed, make-up on the floor:

So... after me initially dismissing my wife's concerns and dislike for Jenny, several days passed without any more disturbances, then one event did occur that I struggled to explain myself, we were both sat downstairs, Sunday morning, coffee in hand and we hear a large bang from upstairs in our bedroom!

Straight up the stairs I run, no thought to the doll at this point just intrigued to what had come crashing down, praying it wasn't the TV coming off the wall.

Simple explanation, my wife's make-up box (more like a small suitcase) was upside down, scattered all over the floor in the doorway, it had obviously fallen off its spot on top of the wardrobe, this quickly explained the large bang, it didn't explain as to why Jenny was no longer on the shelf, she was sat up, straight, on my side of the bed, appearing to look straight towards us!

My answer for this was that the impact from the make-up box hitting the floor had simply caused the shelf to rattle, resulting in Jenny falling and just happening to land in the position she did by chance.

The below picture was not taken at the time but I have tried to show roughly how she had landed and the position she was found in.

Jenny the Haunted Doll
Jenny, the haunted doll appears to have taken my side of the bed!

As you will now know, my wife doesn't like Jenny, she gets bad vibes from her and is still convinced she had something to do with the footsteps upstairs, and now this happens, the make-up box has been up there everyday for the last 12-months without ever falling off...

I decided I would prove that the box must have fallen due to being put back badly, and the impact had caused the doll to fall from the shelf, most probable answer. Jenny went back onto the shelf, I proceeded to bang on the floor and the bedroom wall just to prove to my wife that this would cause the doll to fall again, I was wrong, the doll didn't move and showed absolutely zero potential of ever falling from the shelf, no matter how hard I banged on the wall or the floor, I had to admit that this was the first thing I thought certainly deserved to be classed as "strange".

The same night this happened, I have to be honest and confess that I did have a disturbed sleep, and certainly several unpleasant dreams, nothing to do with hanging or people being hung, however, unpleasant all the same.

Summary so far on Jenny, the haunted doll:

My summary on Jenny will certainly differ from my wife's so far, up until the make-up box scenario I had resided myself to the belief that it was just a doll with a story behind it and not Robert the Doll, that incident has re-ignited my intrigue enough to keep her for another few weeks and see if anything further progresses. I will keep you updated hopefully every week from now with anything new that has occurred, I would also be interested in hearing from any of you paranormal experts out there that would offer some advice of how I could really test how (if at all) "haunted" this doll is, I am all ears for suggestions to get some more activity out of her! Take care and stay safe! Mark


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