President Biden Asks If Dead Congresswoman Is In Audience During Speech Blunder

Joe Biden made an embarrassing blunder during a speech when he asked if deceased congresswoman Jackie Walorski was in the audience - she was killed in a car accident in August.

Joe Biden Speech
Joe Biden made the blunder in a speech on Wednesday

The President of the United States made the remark during a conference on hunger, nutrition, and health, after apparently "forgetting" that Jackie Walorski, the former Republican representative for the state of Indiana, was killed in a car crash in August.

On Wednesday, the 79-year-old President looked around the room and said: "Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie, She must not be here."

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After the incident, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had to field a flurry of questions from the press.

Jean-Pierre repeated over a dozen times that Jackie Walorski was "top of mind" for President Biden, who is due to meet with the family of the deceased congresswoman on Friday to sign a bill renaming a veterans' affairs clinic in Indiana after her.

Ms Jean-Pierre would not acknowledge the President had misspoken nor did she apologise for his remarks.

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