Kai Davis Murder: Two Men Convicted Of Brutal London Stabbing

Two men have been convicted of the fatal stabbing of 22-year-old Kai Davis outside a south London nightclub in August last year.

Joseph Barker (left) and Ben Myles (right) have been convicted over the killing of Kai Davis (centre)

Kai Davis, 22, was viciously stabbed to death outside the Pryzm nightclub in Kingston upon Thames while talking with friends on August 21, 2021. The victim managed to stagger into the town centre before collapsing outside a Premier Inn.

Mr Davis was rushed to a South London hospital where he was pronounced dead two hours later.

24-year-old Ben Myles, and 23-year-old Joseph Barker, have now both been convicted for their roles in Mr Davis's death. Barker was found guilty of manslaughter, and Myles found guilty of murder. They will be sentenced at a later date.

An 18-year-old man was acquitted during the trial at Kingston Crown Court on Friday.

The court heard how on the night of the stabbing, Mr Davis and his friend, Brandon Baxter, had been out in Epsom, before driving through Kingston on their way home. The two had been for food and were talking to old school friends outside the nightclub.

Barker and Myles had been in the nightclub, leaving the premises around 3.15am. The pair had seen Kai and planned to attack him. The men approached the 22-year-old, and Myles stabbed him in the chest.

Mr Davis then fled with Barker chasing him, according to Brandon, the next time he saw his friend, he had collapsed outside the Premier Inn on Wheatfield Street and was surrounded by members of the public.

Emergency services attended the scene and Mr Davis was airlifted to St George's Hospital where he died several hours later.

Myles and Barker had both fled the scene in different directions, but later met up and disposed of the murder weapon and their clothing.

During the trial, Myles attempted to argue that the knife used to kill Mr Davis had in fact belonged to the victim, and he had wrestled it from him in fear for his life.

After the stabbing, the court heard how Barker had been seen with a knife, and Myles disposed of his weapon in a drain.

Police found the murder weapon and discovered another knife hidden under a pile of clothes at Myles's home in Southall, Ealing.

Detective Inspector Mike Nolan, said: "My thoughts today are with Kai's family and friends who continue to try and come to terms with this tragic and unnecessary incident which resulted in the death of a young man with his whole life to live.

"That night Myles secured a knife during a night out. Why do that unless you plan to hurt someone? Singling Kai out as the target of his violence, he swiftly concocted a plan - dressing in such a way as to attempt to avoid detection."

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