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Karma Hits Rolex Thief Who Falls From Getaway Vehicle Breaking Her Ankle

A woman in Romford, east London, was rushed to hospital on Friday after she stole a Rolex watch from a man on the street before falling out of a getaway vehicle, she suffered a broken ankle and serious facial injuries.

The thief broke her ankle and suffered serious facial injuries
The thief broke her ankle and suffered serious facial injuries

The 27-year-old bumbling thief had stolen the watch from a man who was walking on Main Road, in Gidea Park, Romford, she attempted to get away by jumping into a waiting getaway car with two other accomplices. The woman fell out of the car as it attempted to speed away, suffering "serious facial injuries", and a broken ankle.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police said that the woman was rushed to the hospital after the incident that took place around 11.30am on Friday morning after being picked up by a passing police patrol car.

The woman remains in hospital receiving treatment for her injuries. She has now been arrested on suspicion of theft.

The getaway vehicle had two other people inside, another female and a male driver, both of them have also been arrested and remain in police custody.

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