Killer Monkey Throws Baby From Roof To His Death In India

Tragedy struck in India when an aggressive monkey grabbed a three-month-old baby by his hand and threw him off a roof to his death as his parents watched on in horror.

Rhesus macaques monkeys are native to India
Rhesus macaques monkeys are native to India

The horrific incident took place on Friday in the village of Dunka in Uttar Pradesh, India.

Nirdesh Upadhyay, 25, was with his wife on a roof terrace when they were approached by a troop of monkeys. The monkeys reportedly surrounded Mr Upadhyay and his wife, forcing them to try and escape. The father tripped and accidentally dropped their young baby.

One of the monkeys instantly reacted and grabbed the baby, throwing it from the roof by his hand as the helpless parents watched on in terror.

The distraught parents managed to get back into the property and downstairs to their son but tragically he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Monkeys in the wild are generally scared of humans and tend to run away when people get within 100 feet, meaning monkey attacks in the wild are extremely rare. However, as monkeys lose their habitats around the world, they are often forced to live in closer proximity to the human population, which can lead to conflict.

Rhesus macaques monkeys, native to India, are noted for their tendency to move from rural to urban areas, often relying on handouts from people in the area.

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