Norwegian Sailboat Rescued Off The Spanish Coast Of Huelva After Attack By Four Killer Whales

A Norwegian sailboat was left stranded off the coast of Huelva after an attack by four killer whales snapped the vessel's rudder.

Killer whales attack boat
A Maritime Rescue ship as well as another from the Huelva Red Cross was deployed to assist the Norwegian boat

A Maritime Rescue ship as well as another from the Huelva Red Cross, based in the town of Isla Cristina reported how they had to tow a rudderless Norwegian sailboat on Thursday. The boat was stranded off the Huelva coast after suffering damage during an attack by four killer whales.

The Norwegian crew on the boat reported how three adult killer whales and one calf hit the hull of the vessel, breaking the rudder blade.

The attack happened in the Tavira area of Portugal at approximately 9.35pm on Wednesday evening.

Manuel Diaz, captain of the ship, and head of maritime rescue for the Huelva Red Cross said that this "should not be a cause for alarm". He explained that this "interaction is not their usual behaviour".

The incident happened just two miles off the coast of Tavira, and Mr Diaz added that the whales could be found closer to land as they feed on Tuna.

The vessel had to be towed back to shore as the damage to the rudder prevented it from being able to steer, it was towed from its location about seven and a half miles southeast of Isla Cristina. Mr Diaz said that the Norwegian boat was "passing through Portugal, heading for Italy".

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