Langenburg UFO Incident 1974: Farmer Edwin Fuhr Claimed Mysterious Objects Landed In His Field

In Langenburg, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1974, 36-year-old farmer Edwin Fuhr claimed to witness five metallic dome-like objects hovering in a field, he watched them for several minutes before they ascended into the sky, leaving their marks on the ground underneath.

The story of Edwin Fuhr's 1974 UFO encounter in Langenburg, Canada,
The story of Edwin Fuhr's 1974 UFO encounter in Langenburg, Canada,

On Sunday, September 1, 1974, at approximately 11 a.m., 36-year-old Edwin Fuhr of Langenburg, Saskatchewan, while out harvesting his rape crop, slowed his swather down to a crawling pace, intending to turn before he got too close to a slough at the south end of the field. To his surprise when he looked around to check his position he could see a metallic dome. Curious as to what it was and why it was there, Fuhr climbed down from his swather and walked within 15 feet of the object, he spent the next two minutes observing it closely. The bemused man noticed that the four to five-foot-high grass surrounding the base of the object was moving in a clockwise direction. He then noticed that the object itself was spinning.

Edwin Fuhr described feeling uneasy at this point and he started to back up, keeping his eyes on the object the entire time. He never turned away from it, even when he arrived back at the swather, he went around it and got on from the back, once he was back in the seat he looked to his left and was astounded to see a further four similar-looking domes.

Fuhr said, "The color of the machines was like a brushed stainless steel, the bottom part had that lip on it, and it was a dark grey color like it had been hot at one time, like steel that gets hot and cools off."

All of the domes he could see appeared to be the same size, and they were all spinning as they hovered above the ground by around a foot or so. Two of them were positioned close together, and they were all arranged roughly in a semi-circle around the slough. The grass under each of them was moving. The UFOs, which were all around five feet high and 11 feet across the base appeared featureless, apart from what looked like grooves of a slightly darker color.

Edwin Fuhr shows where he claims the UFOs landed on his farm in Langenburg in 1974
Edwin Fuhr shows where he claims the UFOs landed on his farm in Langenburg in 1974

Fuhr attempted to get the swather moving, however, the throttle and the steering wheel wouldn't respond. He said later that he could not be sure whether this was because they were actually not working or because his fear at the time had taken all of his strength.

Fuhr claimed that the objects rose in a step formation into the air in order, starting with the first (nearest) one he had seen and moving out to the most distant. The movement of the objects was so fast that, as Fuhr told investigator Ted Phillips, "If you had winked you would have missed the take-off from the ground to the point where they stopped." At around 200 feet altitude, they stopped abruptly, positioning themselves in a straight horizontal line. The spinning stopped, and about six-foot puffs of dark grey "vapor" poured out of two exhaust-like extensions at the base, followed by a powerful gust of wind that flattened the rape that had been standing underneath. After just a minute or two the mysterious objects ascended into low clouds and disappeared from sight. The entire sighting had lasted around 15 to 20 minutes.

When the stunned Fuhr finally got off his seat, he walked over to the slough and found five rings of depressed grass swirled clockwise. Inside the second of these, Fuhr noticed additional depressions as if something had probed around in the grass. It was, he later remarked, "the size of a fifty-cent piece... The grass was all twisted and you could see marks like something had jumped here and there, all over." Three of the rings were 11 feet in diameter. One was eight feet, and the other - the fifth, or more distant - was 10 feet. In each of them, the grass stood erect only at the center.

Fuhr continued with his work. At 12:30 p.m. he went back home and sat down for dinner with his wife and parents, who could all see he was visibly upset. When asked what was wrong with him, he said, "I saw something this morning." He compared it to a stainless steel bowl on the table. Soon afterward, his father went to the site with Fuhr and was astonished by what he saw.

Edwin Fuhr UFO drawing
September 10, 1974, the LeaderPost published drawings supplied by Edwin Fuhr of the objects he saw in his field

That evening Fuhr's brother-in-law, who had been visiting the family, called Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Ron Morier. The following morning Morier drove to Fuhr's farm. He told an investigator later that month:

"I could see that he was still quite shaken. He was jumpy, and you could see by just looking at the guy that he had been scared. But he took us out there and sure as hell, there they were, five circles... I had never seen anything like that before. The thing that really stood out was that the grass was all flattened out in a clockwise fashion. I got down on my knees and put my face near the grass, trying to smell some kind of exhaust of afterburn or something like that. There was no odor to it at all. But it was really swished tight, you know. I mean it was really flattened and matted together.

I believe that he saw something and I don't see why he would exaggerate what he saw. There is no way this is a hoax. People who know him all believe that he did see something out there. Whatever was in there, it came out of the air and departed the same way, as far as I could tell."

Edwin Fuhr's story and the unexplainable effect in the grass attracted attention from all over Canada, bringing hundreds of curiosity seekers and reporters to the remote farm.

On September 21 and 22, Ted Phillips, a ufologist based in Missouri who specialised in ground-trace cases, interviewed Fuhr, his family, Morier, and others. He discovered that on the morning of the UFO encounter, the cattle at a nearby farm had become so agitated that they broke through the fence in four places. Moreover, at midnight the previous night, Fuhr's dog was barking aggressively without any noticeable provocation. According to Fuhr:

"The neighbor's dog barked too. They all barked at the same time Saturday night, about midnight. Then they barked about three o'clock in the morning. Jack, our neighbor, had a babysitter who was frightened because the dogs were barking and when Jack came home, he said the dogs were still barking. On Monday night at about 10:30 the dogs were barking. My dog had been out in the field area and he backed up to the house. The television was acting up about then too. The dog wouldn't go out into the field. He usually follows me, but he wouldn't go out there. But the dogs were barking on Monday night, and on Tuesday morning I found that mark there. When I heard the dog barking Monday night, I thought, "It couldn't be out there again. Even if it is, no way am I going out there."

"That mark" was a sixth circle in formation with the other five. Fuhr found a seventh, also in the arc-like pattern, on September 15.

There were other circles, too. On the fourteenth three were discovered on a farm a mile east of the Fuhr site; they were like Fuhr's, except that these were in a cultivated crop, not in the grass. That same day a circle of flattened wheat, 14 feet in diameter and twisted in a counterclockwise direction, appeared in a field 200 miles to the northwest, near Young, Saskatchewan. Over the next several weeks, others were found near Peebles, Lake Lenore, and Dinsmore - 15 in all at seven sites in the province. Ocala UFO Incident 1978: Military Personel Backed Up By Radar Tracking Had An Alarming UFO Encounter


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