Letta Me Out: Letta Doll is over 200 years old and is known as one of the World's most haunted dolls

Letta Me Out is a relatively well publicised apparent haunted doll within the paranormal community. The doll and its past are surrounded in dark stories and mystery.

In the 1970s, in a small town called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, a young man named Kerry Walton went exploring an abandoned house with his brother, the property they were exploring was said locally to be haunted.

Whilst exploring the old abandoned property, Kerry made a startling, if not somewhat terrifying discovery. Hidden beneath the rotting floor boards in the dilapidated house he caught a glimpse of what he originally believed to be the body of a dead child.

Upon closer inspection it became apparent to the relief of the brothers that it wasn't in fact a body they had found, it was a large wooden doll with a terrifying grin on its face. Kerry decided that he should rescue the doll and removed it from under the floor.

Letta the haunted doll
The Letta Me Out Doll is said to be over 200 years old and handcrafted

The brother's put the doll in a large sack and set off on their long drive back to Brisbane, this in when the doll would come to be called "Letta me Out." The brother's joked on the way home that it appeared that their newly found wooden friend appeared to be moving in the sack that it was being transported in.

Kerry's family were not overly impressed when they returned with the doll, they were immediately apprehensive towards having the doll in the house at all, this was before there was any strange activity surrounding it, this would follow very shortly afterwards.

The family reported that the Letta me Out doll would move on its own, they said they would leave it in one place, only to return and find that it was now somewhere different, appearing to have moved by itself, they even claimed to find scuff marks on the floors which they believed were from the doll's shoes.

Since the doll arrived at the property, visitors would report that they would be overcome with feelings of sickness and even sometimes deep emotion whilst in the presence of the doll. Dog's took a particular dislike to the doll, appearing to act strange and aggressive whilst around the doll, some even attempting to attack it.

Letta Me Out Doll Human Hair
Believed to have been created in Romania, the haunted doll has a full head of human hair

Unsurprisingly the family had grown concerned with the amount of unusual activity that appeared to be surrounding the Letta Me Out Doll, so they decided to have it investigated to try and find some further information about it. Experts who examined the Letta Me Out Doll managed to date the doll at approximately 200-years-old, they did this by analysing the nails that were underneath the feet of the doll. They also made the speculation that the doll was from Eastern Europe, most likely Romania and that it was certainly handcrafted. It was also found out that the dolls hair was actually made from human hair.

Once they had established the age and origin of the doll they took it to a psychic for an analysis. The psychic reported back to them that the doll was inhabited by the spirit of a young boy who had died from drowning, many, many years ago, further psychics have confirmed the same story throughout the years.

It is believed that the doll was most likely made to be just like the boy who is said to have drowned.

The psychic told Kerry that he would now never be separated from the Letta Me Out Doll, this theory was tested when an opportunity came for Kerry to sell the Letta Me Out Doll, however, he couldn't bring himself to part with it.

Even today the Letta Me Out Doll is still a major part of Kerry's family, and although this doll may look somewhat frightening, Kerry believes that the doll is likely inhabited by the spirit of an innocent child. It is also believed that the doll is good natured and even brings luck to those you come into contact with it.

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