Liverpool Paedophile Callum Moon Is Spared Jail Sentence

A Liverpool paedophile who filmed a half-naked young girl on his mobile phone and was found in possession of more than 500 child abuse images at his home during a police raid has been spared prison.

Callum Moon Liverpool
Paedophile Callum Moon, 22, outside Liverpool Crown Court

22-year-old paedophile Callum Moon told a court that he was "not sexually attracted to children in real life" despite the fact that he had downloaded more than 500 indecent images, including that of children being raped. Moon, of Van Dyke Street, Toxteth, pleaded guilty to being in possession of 582 indecent images of children, 116 of which were Category A images, showing the most serious forms of sexual abuse.

Merseyside Police also uncovered that Moon had been recording videos of a young girl himself, in which the video footage would "focus on the pubic area" of the child's body.

His mobile phone was also found to contain extreme pornography as well as seven videos that were classed as Category A.

Paul Blasbery, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court how Merseyside Police had obtained a warrant and raided Moon's home address. Officers recovered five devices of which two mobile phones had a collection of indecent images of children - involving girls as young as eight.

Mr Blasbery told the court how a Category C video filmed by Moon himself lasted 42 seconds and featured the "pubic area" of a young girl. Police found that three still images had been screenshotted from the video, all detailing the "genital area".

Moon admitted to being in possession of the indecent images and videos, however, Brendan Carville, defending, told the court that his client admitted to "having a sexual attraction to the images" but claimed this stopped prior to police raiding his property.

The judge handed Moon a two-year suspended sentence and ordered him to partake in 12 one-hour mental health sessions. He was also given a sexual harm prevention order lasting 10 years.

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