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Locals Call For Police To Solve Real Crimes After Birkenhead Cannabis Farm Bust

Merseyside Police have gloated over raiding a cannabis farm in Birkenhead, resulting in the arrests of three men. Local residents have hit out and urged police to "fight real crime" and tackle paedophiles, thieves, and gun runners rather than those involved in the cannabis trade.

More than 2,500 cannabis plants were seized at the address on Lorn Street
More than 2,500 cannabis plants were seized at the address on Lorn Street

Merseyside Police discovered more than 2,500 cannabis plants while attending a property on Lorn Street at around 9.25am on Thursday, an industrial-scale growing operation was revealed, spanning 15 rooms.

Three men were arrested at the scene, aged 43, 40, and 33, all have been charged with cultivating cannabis and have been remanded into custody.

Sergeant Kevin O'Rourke from CID said: "This was a significant hoard of cannabis in various stages of growth seized by our officers which will make neighbouring properties and the local community a safer place to live.

"The dangers posed by cannabis farms and extracting electricity illegally in this manner poses a serious dangerous risk of fire and flooding to residents living nearby, especially when criminals tinker with the wiring and overload plugs."

Merseyside Police were quick to announce their most recent scalp, however, they have come under fire from local residents who have accused the police of spending too much time and resources hunting those growing cannabis rather than targeting dangerous criminals such as rapists, paedophiles, and those carrying knives and guns on the streets.

One local resident took to Twitter to say: "Why is our local police force acting like gods for busting a warehouse filled with plants when we have a city littered with pedo's." Another upset member of the community said: "Fantastic policing, just what we need, kids are running around with guns, pedophiles get suspended sentences while you lot are so proud of seizing a plant that grows naturally and is legal in over 50% of the world."

Over the last 90 years, there have been 166 murders that still remain unsolved in the Merseyside area, it would appear that the people aren't concerned about cannabis and want answers to the more serious unsolved crimes.

Someone else said: "Just imagine how much police time could be used you know, in sovling actual crimes that harm others rathe than trying to regulate what people want to do to their own bodies."

Another: "I don't want to be a grass, but have a look at Phillip May, Theresa May's husband

And the government 18 hectre grow in the British Sugar factory in Norfolk"

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