Machete Attack Victim Wakes Up From Coma After Two Years & Names Brother As Culprit

A woman who has been in a coma for two years after a brutal machete attack has woken up and told authorities it was her brother that attacked her.

Wanda Palmer woke up after two years in a coma to name her brother as her attacker
Wanda Palmer woke up after two years in a coma to name her brother as her attacker

Police in West Virginia said that the long-term care centre that was caring for Wanda Palmer had called them after she regained consciousness last week and identified Daniel Palmer, her brother as the alleged culprit of the brutal attack.

Ms Palmer was attacked in June 2020 at her home in Cottageville, West Virginia.

Sherriff Mellenger told MetroNews: "We had a little bit of an idea what happened, but the problem was with the nuts and bolts of the case, we had nothing to go on.

"There were no eyewitnesses, nobody lived in the home, no surveillance footage, no cell phone records. There was virtually nothing there to move forward on."

Authorities went to a care home in Wetzel Country to speak with Ms Palmer, who had suffered brain damage during the attack and she identified her brother as the attacker.

Officers arrested Daniel Palmer and charged him with attempted murder and malicious wounding over the attack on his sister, which authorities believe was carried out with a hatchet or machete.

Sherriff Mellenger said: "The keys to the whole thing lay with the victim herself and with her unable to communicate we were left with nothing. Now, low and behold, two years later and boom, she's awake and able to tell us exactly what happened. "He didn't give us any fight or anything. There was a little bit of surprise, but not entirely."

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