Man Arrested After Dismembered Torso Is Found Inside The Freezer Of His Bus In New Orleans

The man who was arrested after the body of a dismembered woman was discovered inside the freezer of a bus on his property had posted several recent photos on social media, including one of him brandishing a gun.

Benjamin Beale, also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick has been taken into police custody after a search warrant was executed on his propert
Benjamin Beale has been taken into police custody after a search warrant was executed on his property

34-year-old Benjamin Beale, also known by the name Kelley Kirkpatrick, has been charged with obstruction of justice in a death investigation and several drugs and weapons charges.

The charges have come after he allegedly refused to answer questions about the dismembered corpse that was discovered on the bus that is believed to belong to him.

Photos posted on his social media accounts, under his Kelley Kirkpatrick name, feature stickers of the fictional serial killer, Dexter Morgan, from the crime TV series, Dexter.

He posed in a white jumpsuit with goggles on, staring at the camera whilst brandishing a gun in another chilling photo.

Currently, Beale has not been charged with homicide or any crime related to the disappearance of 36-year-old Julia Dardar.

Benjamin Beale (left), and missing Julia Dardar
Benjamin Beale (left), and missing Julia Dardar

Court documents have confirmed that the NOPD executed a search warrant of Beale's property in an attempt to find clues as to what had happened to Dardar, who had recently been living with Beale.

Julia Dardar was reported missing by her estranged husband on December 23, he had told authorities that she suffered from mental health and addiction problems.

Beale told police that he hadn't seen Dardar since December 16, he claimed that she was suicidal and that she moved out without taking her car or any of her belongings.

Police discovered a headless torso and a power saw with flesh on the blade
Police discovered a headless torso and a power saw with flesh on the blade

However, when Beale was questioned again by police on January 5, he said that he hadn't spoken to Dardar since December 12. He claimed that they were ending their relationship "due to her drug habits," again suggesting that it was possible that she could have committed suicide.

Beale told authorities that he hadn't reported Dardar as missing sooner because he had lost his cell phone and therefore had no way of contacting the police.

Court documents detailed how police conducted a search warrant on Tuesday on Beale's property where they found a padlocked bus in the backyard.

When they entered the bus, they discovered power cords connected to a deep freezer.

"Upon opening the lid of the freezer, investigators observed the headless torso of what appeared to be an adult human female," the affidavit read.

"A deep linear cut was visible along the left shoulder/upper arm area, which appeared to have been inflicted post-mortem."

The court documents also said that a Coleman ice chest was found nearby, the chest contained a reciprocating saw that appeared to have "bits of flesh and fluid" on the blade.

Police took Beale into custody and he has refused to make any further comments since.

This is an ongoing case and we will update you as more information is made available.


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