Man Googled "If I Slit Someone's Throat, How Long In Prison" After Brutally Murdering His Mum

A son who Googled "how long in prison if I slit someone's throat" after brutally killing his own mum has been jailed for life.

Wendy Cole Murder
John Cole has been jailed for life for the murder of his mother, Wendy Cole

36-year-old John Cole, was his mother, Wendy Cole's full-time carer before he brutally stabbed the 70-year-old woman to death at their home in May last year.

In a disturbing call made to 999 at 3 am, John Cole told operators that he had "done something stupid", saying: "I've killed my mum and the dog".

Cole then handed himself in to the local police station, stating: "I've stabbed her several times, had thoughts in my head, they tell me to do it."

When authorities arrived at their home in March, Cambridgeshire, on May 10, they discovered a bloodstained knife in the hallway.

Wendy Cole was found in bed with severe stab wounds but was currently still alive, tragically, she died 30 minutes later from her injuries.

In the bedroom of John Cole, police saw his laptop displaying his last Google search which read: "If I slit someone's throat how long in prison".

They also uncovered previous Google searches of: "mum murdered", "mum murdered by son with knife", and "son murdered mum with knife".

Police arrested John Cole on suspicion of murder and took him to Peterborough City Hospital where he was deemed to be medically fit and discharged with a diagnosis of anxiety disorder.

Following a six-day trial at Peterborough Crown Court last month, John Cole was found guilty of the murder of his mother, Wendy Cole.

Authorities said that Cole, who had lived with his mother for six years, rarely left their house and was concerned over the deteriorating health of his mum.

Last year John Cole had made contact with local care home companies in an attempt to get one of them to take Wendy, but he told social services that he was suffering from depression and had worries about the cost of putting her in a home, the trial heard.

Cole's sister later said to police that the family home was clean but that her mum was "skin and bone" and had lost a lot of weight.

It has been reported that Wendy Cole was reluctant to move into a care home.

Two days before the murder, John Cole had broken down while out food shopping and explained to a staff member that his mum could no longer do anything, and he was "struggling with her."

Later the same day his sister came over to visit and John Cole broke down again, stating that he couldn't cope.

A post-mortem examination concluded that Wendy Cole had suffered stab wounds and cuts to her neck but she had died from three stab wounds to her chest.

Wendy also had minor cuts on both her hands, suggesting that she had attempted to defend herself during the attack.

On Wednesday 16, John Cole was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 11 years before he would be considered for release.

DI Rich Stott, of the Beds, Cambs, and Herts Major Crime Unit (MCU), said: "This has been a thorough and extensive investigation under terribly sad circumstances, and I am glad it has reached a conclusion.

"What Cole did that day was a brutal and horrific act of violence, which saw a woman who was a mother, a friend, and a neighbour, tragically lose her life.

"My thoughts and sympathies are with her family."

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