Man has surgery to remove air freshener from his bum after a sex game goes wrong

A husband has undergone 2-hour emergency surgery to remove a can of glade air freshener from his rectum after a kinky sex game with his wife goes terribly wrong.

Sex game goes wrong and requires surgery
A husband requires two hour surgery after wife inserts air freshener into his bum during kinky sex game

A 40-year-old man has undergone emergency surgery to remove a can of Glade air freshener from his bum that was inserted by his wife in a sex game that took a turn for the worse.

The man, from the Dominican Republic, was rushed via ambulance to the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital in the capital after the couple could not retrieve the household item from his rectum.

His wife told reporters that she inserted the can into her husband's rear end at his request during a kinky sex session.

The hospital confirmed that the surgery went well and took around two hours to complete, stating that the horny man would make a full recovery.

A hospital spokesman told the media: "The man is stable and is recovering after the incident".

The hospital also made a statement saying that similar cases are not uncommon, however, typically involved sex toys such as dildos and vibrators.

They even told the media that people have been admitted there in the past with items such as wooden spoons, vegetables and even eggplants trapped inside them.

A local doctor said that although these types of incidents are not as uncommon as one may think, they are not usually talked about to try and avoid extra embarrassment to the patients involved.

Health advisers have been quick to have their say, stating that inserting household objects into the body for sexual gratification is a potentially dangerous practice that could seriously damage your health and long-term sex life.

(Yes this really happened)


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