Man Strangled His Wife And Boiled Her In Cauldron In Front Of His Children In Karachi, Pakistan

Police in Pakistan are on the hunt for a man who is accused of murdering his wife, cutting off her leg, and boiling her in a cauldron in front of her children. The incident took place in Karachi.

Pakistani police are currently on the hunt for Ashiq Khan
Pakistani police are currently on the hunt for Ashiq Khan

Police reported that Ashiq Khan, a watchman at a local private school in Karachi's Gulshan-e-Iqbal region, had first asphyxiated his wife Nargis Khan, 32, with a pillow before he boiled her in a pot.

Authorities discovered the woman's body with her leg removed inside a cauldron on Wednesday. Her remains were transported to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre for a post-mortem.

The horrific murder was brought to the attention of authorities when Mobina Town police were alerted by one of the couple's teenage daughters, who told them that the incident occurred on Tuesday.

A video clip that circulated on social media showed forensic officers carrying what appeared to be the remains of the victim wrapped in plastic on a stretcher. Police officer Abdur Rahim Sherazi said that the initial investigation had proven that the husband who is the suspect, had absconded with three of his children while his other 3 children were under police protection.

He said: "We have three children with us, they are shaken and traumatized."

Mr Sherazi said that the children had told officers that their father had first suffocated their mother before putting her body in the cauldron. The suspect reportedly severed one of the woman's legs after struggling to fit her body into the cauldron whole.

The school where Khan worked and the body was found had been closed for over six months and he had been living in the school's servant quarters.

Police are now hunting Khan and have been conducting raids on properties in search for him, he is a native of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

Mr Sherazi added: "We have his two cell phone numbers but he has switched off both of them. We are tracing him and will arrest him soon."

Authorities haven't yet confirmed the reason behind the killing. However, the eldest daughter told police that her father had been pressuring her mother to indulge in illicit relationships, which she refused to do.

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