Man With Suspected Mental Health Issues Goes On Rampage With Machete In Liverpool

A man suspected of carrying out a machete rampage in Liverpool has been arrested and several people have been rushed to hospital with slash wounds.

Several people were rushed to hospital following the attack
Several people were rushed to hospital following the attack

The suspect, who is thought to have mental health issues, had slashed several victims with a machete on Utting Avenue and Ince Avenue before being arrested by Merseyside police in Stanley Park.

Police have not confirmed exactly how many people were injured, however, they did say that several people were rushed to hospital with slash wounds, and none of the victims are believed to have sustained life-threatening injuries.

Merseyside police confirmed that the incident was not believed to be terror-related.

One man who witnessed the incident told the Liverpool Echo that he first saw the man swinging the machete on Utting Avenue.

He said: "He was walking down the road with a massive knife and got into some sort of altercation with someone. He hit him in the back with the wrong end of the knife and walked down the road. "Two guys tried to tackle him but he had a knife, it was tough. He went into this house and about 30 seconds later a woman walked out, there was blood everywhere and she was crying. He then booted her out of the house, so me and two other lads grabbed her and pulled her across the road."

He added: "There was a massive pool of blood outside the house and she had injuries to her head and a bad laceration to her arm. The door of the house was open and we were worried he would come back. But I think he jumped the back garden wall into the cemetery."

Detective Chief Inspector Cath Cummings said: "This incident will have been frightening for those assaulted as well as those who witnessed it, and we will provide them with our full support. "I understand that the circumstances will be frightening too for the wider community in Anfield. Thankfully, specialist officers attended swiftly, arrested a suspect, and brought an end to the incident and there is no ongoing threat to the public."

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