Teenager Arrested For Strangling Two Newborn Babies & Attacking Staff At Texas Hospital

An 18-year-old man has been arrested after allegedly storming into a hospital nursery, attacking staff, and strangling two newborn babies in Odessa, Texas.

Marcus Dewayne McCowan Jr, 18, was arrested after allegedly attacking staff and attemping to strange two babies
Marcus Dewayne McCowan Jr, 18, was arrested at the Odessa Regional Medical Centre, Texas

18-year-old Marcus Dewayne McCowan Jr was charged on Monday with a number of offences, including two counts of attempted first-degree capital murder.

Officers attended the Odessa Regional Medical Centre in Texas after staff reported that a man had "forced his way into the nursery and began assaulting patients and staff", the Odessa Police Department said in a press release.

KMID obtained an affidavit that described the events that occurred at the hospital, according to the document, the suspect was at the hospital as his girlfriend was in labour.

Witnesses said that McCowan was acting "odd and unreasonable" before the attack took place.

The suspect allegedly grabbed a nurse's arm, and made an "unintelligible statement" before being told to leave the hospital, when he started to run "back and forth in the hall."

The teenager then allegedly stood staring at a mother holding her newborn before shoving nurses to the ground and attempting to gain access to a nursery, which was locked. When he couldn't get into the nursery, he allegedly grabbed the newborn from the mother's arms and fled into a lactation room, where he reportedly started strangling the baby.

Nurses described how they saw the baby's face turn blue before officials chased him out of the room.

A therapist detailed how he watched McCowan then force his way into the nursery and start strangling another baby.

The therapist said that McCowan lifted the baby in the air and shouted "die", making a movement suggesting he was going to throw the baby to the ground.

The therapist heroically tackled McCowan and tried to take him to the ground while supporting the head of the baby to try and prevent further injury.

Eventually, a member of the hospital security team arrived and helped to restrain the suspect.

When police attempted to make the arrest, McCowan reportedly fought with the attending officers.

McCowan was arrested and taken to Ector County Jail, where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance, attempting to take a weapon from an officer, assault of a public servant, resisting arrest, criminal trespassing, assault, and attempted murder.

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