Death Sentence For Florida Man Who Brutally Murdered Two Young Brothers

A jury has unanimously voted in favour of sentencing a Florida man to death after he was convicted of beating two young boys with a hammer before slitting their throats. A veteran police officer described the murder scene as one of the worst he had ever seen.

Tayten Baker, 14, (left) Robert Baker, 12, (right)
Tayten Baker, 14, (left) Robert Baker, 12, (right)

Earlier this month Mark Wilson was convicted of brutally murdering 14-year-old Tatyen Baker, and 12-year-old Robert Baker in August 2020.

At the time of the murders, Wilson, who was living with his wife, the boys' aunt, in a shed at the family's property in Melrose, Florida, beat the two youngsters in the head with a hammer before horrifically slitting their throats.

The Putnam County sheriff described the murder scene as one of the most gruesome he had ever witnessed.

During a news conference that was aired shortly after the murders, State Attorney R J Larizza, said: "I can tell you, I've been working in the criminal justice system since 1980, and these are some of the most brutal murders that I've ever heard of. He attacked these two kids without mercy."

Assistant State Attorney Jennifer Dunton told the court heard how Robert, the younger brother, was almost decapitated after having his throat slashed "end to end".

Ms Dunton added that it appeared Wilson had attempted to slit older brother Tayten's throat multiple times or saw through his neck.

Sarah Baker, the mother of the two murdered brothers, testified during the trial, stating that she had seen Wilson sharpening a knife outside, this knife was later proven to be the murder weapon. Ms Baker described how she found the body of her eldest son at the end of an 18-foot trail of blood. The corpses of both boys were covered with blankets, initially hiding the true extent of their injuries.

Mark Wilson during his arrest for the murders of the two brothers
Mark Wilson during his arrest for the murders of the two brothers

Chrissy Adkins, Wilson's mother, played a huge part in the investigation and future conviction of the killer after agreeing to be an informant who committed to recording a conversation with her son that would ultimately lead to his arrest.

Ms Adkins said in court: "I told Mark that he needed to cooperate. Take a lie detector test and clear his name. He got out of bed, and he said, 'Mom, I can't do that,' and I asked if he hurt those babies, and in a voice that wasn't his own, he said, 'Yes, Mom, I did it.'"

The killers' mother said her son would frequently speak in strange voices, especially when using drugs. According to police records and witnesses, both Wilson and his wife were heavy drug users.

The court heard the recorded conversation where Wilson told his mother he killed the boys because he believed the family was going to report him and his wife to the Department of Children and Families.

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