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Massacre of Glencoe: Do the MacDonald clan victims still roam the fells?

Glencoe was home to a particularly dark piece of Scottish history back in 1692, a massacre occurred on the Highland fells, the story is that the victims still roam through the hills to this day.

Glencoe massacre ghosts
Glencoe national park is an area of outstanding beauty with a dark and sinister story

Glencoe nature reserve is situated in the Scottish Highlands, it is a remote place renowned for its rugged and untouched beauty and quite often fierce weather pattern. This unpredictable and remote reserve has been used by the military for intense survival training.

It is often seen now as a hiker's paradise, often being the centre point of a ramblers highland adventure, however, the Glencoe nature reserve holds a darker history that many don't know about.

In 1692 a brutal massacre occurred and an estimated 30+ sleeping victims of the Maclan's (a sept of MacDonald clan) had their throats slit in their sleep by soldiers acting on Government orders. The killing was ordered following a delayed signing of allegiance by Alastair Maclan to King William III and was served as a warning to any other highland clans that did not bow down to the king.

Ghost sightings at Glencoe national park
It is reported that the victims of the Glencoe massacre still roam the hills to this day

Numerous reports from Glencoe national park visitors have claimed that they have seen shadowy figures running through the valleys of a night. Several other witnesses have said that they have heard deathly screams that they believe to be from the victims of the massacre.

Even to this day visitors now often claim to have seen re-enactments of the massacre in the distance, the reports appear to increase around the time of the anniversary of the massacre. We know that paranormal reports can be hit and miss with many made-up stories or people looking for their 10 minutes of fame, however, Glencoe national park is home to a lot of credible witnesses, even those who before witnessing what they claim to have seen had no prior knowledge of the Glencoe massacre.

Are the ghosts of Glencoe another myth without much substance or is this another pointer towards an afterlife in which those who succumb to a violent end may still have some unfinished business upon the land.

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