Max Spiers Interview: The UFO & Alien Researcher Who's Death Will Never Be Accepted By Many

Updated: May 2

Max Spiers made a career from investigating the UFO and Alien topic, he delved deeply into the world of conspiracy and government cover-ups before his mysterious death in 2016, which led to many believing he was killed for what he had uncovered. Here is his last ever interview.

When British-born Max Spiers died suddenly in Poland in 2016, his death quickly became the talk of the UFO community, with many believing that something didn't add up with the young man's sudden demise.

Following his death, rumours of "black liquid" coming from his body as he died flooded the internet.

Max Spiers, who was 39-years-old at the time of his death, had made a career out of investigating and researching alleged government cover-ups around the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena. He was becoming a well-known figure in the community and strongly believed that there was an underground alien base in Dulce, New Mexico, that would use children for their "pure energy".

In 2016, Spiers had gone to Warsaw in Poland to speak at a conference about "secret military programs".

During this time he met a woman by the name of Monika Duval, who he would soon move in with, however, just two months later, Spiers was sending text messages to his mother claiming that he feared being murdered and urging her to "investigate" should anything happen to him.

Max Spiers died in an apartment on 16 July 2016. The Polish authorities quickly said that he had died of natural causes, however, they never carried out a post-mortem on his body.

With no investigation into his death, given he was young, in good health, and had already prewarned his potential demise, many people within his circle claimed that something untoward had gone on.

It took more than two years after his death for an inquest to be held in the UK, they recorded that his death was caused by pneumonia and intoxication by drugs, which caused an "aspiration of gastric contents", this was the explanation they gave for the black liquid that had fuelled so many conspiracies. A post-mortem was also carried out by a pathologist in Kent who also found deadly levels of oxycodone, an opioid, in his system.

The inquest didn't clear up the concerns that people had, if anything it simply deepened the mystery within the UFO community as to what actually happened to Max Spiers.

According to evidence presented at the inquest, Spiers and Duval had become lovers, travelling together on holiday to Cyprus with Duval’s teenage daughter. While there, Duval bought a pharmacy’s “entire stock” of the Turkish version of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax at Spiers's request, after he realised it could be obtained without a prescription. Spiers was found to have taken about 10 of the tablets on the day he died.

Duval, who had attempted to resuscitate Spiers after he stopped breathing, said she had noticed he often felt ill while staying with her and that “sometimes he felt weak and had problems with focus and attention.” She said he had once spent a day in a deckchair in her garden “unconscious.”

She added: “I would have done anything to save him, I really cared about him. I was deeply in love with him,” she told the inquest.

For Max Spiers's close friends and fellow UFO hunters, the report from the inquest didn't settle their concerns nor answer their questions about his death in Warsaw.

Max Spiers UFO Interview
The mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Max Spiers have never been fully cleared up

A close friend of Spiers was fellow UFO researcher Miles Johnston, who has insisted that Spiers "knew he was going to die" and that the circumstances that surrounded his death indicated a large scale cover-up

Johnston believes Spiers was a "super-soldier" who was being directed through mind control by the British government. "He was a weaponised system to be engaged in with some kind of warfare," claims Johnston. In the immediate aftermath of his death, Johnston told BBC Radio Four Spiers had been working to expose “enemies within other realities.”

Johnston, who also heads The Bases Project, which believes humanity and all life on earth will be wiped out by a predator species within three generations, added: "We have now got an unthinkable situation. Max has died for his country and the people on this planet. We’re dealing with aliens. We’re dealing with a predator within humanity, a fifth column, which has been successful so far in causing us a great deal of damage and harm. People like Max were involved in exposing that fifth column. He knew he was going to die. He knew he was in a trap. He told his mother that."

A former girlfriend of Max Spiers, Sarah Adams spoke to the Sun newspaper shortly after his death and told an even more intriguing story, she claims that he was being held against his will in Poland, in a house that was surrounded by electric fencing. Adam's said that he wanted to come back to England and that the pair planned on getting married and having a child. "He rang me secretly because they wouldn’t let him talk to me. They were doing very dark black magic and satanic rituals to ‘de-program’ him and get rid of demons," she claimed.

What really happened to Max Spiers, we do not know, but his life was certainly one of great interest and his death was certainly tragic. Let us know your opinions on Max Spiers in the comments section below. Now you have read about UFO researcher Max Spiers, make sure you check out Bob Lazar: Full length interview about Area 51, Element 115 and UFO crafts


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