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McChord Air Force Base UFO Incident: Former AFOSI Agent Details Alien Encounter At TACAN Facility

Robert Collins claims to be an ex-AFOSI agent and has revealed the story of an astonishing UFO / extraterrestrial encounter at the TACAN facility near McChord Air Force Base.

The fascinating claims made by Robert Collins on the McChord UFO incident
The fascinating claims made by Robert Collins on the McChord UFO incident

Following the closure of Project Blue Book in 1969, the US Air Force appeared to step back from UFO investigations, but in 2017 when the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was made public it showed that the US secret intelligence agencies had continued their research on UFOs behind closed doors. Since the launch of the first Defence satellite sent into space during the mid-1960s, the US government continued to collect data and monitor unidentified objects in the sky.

In the 1970s it is claimed that an extraordinary incident involving a UFO occurred at the McChord Air Force Base, Pierce County, Washington.

This fascinating case was disclosed in 2001 by a man named Robert Collins, who claims to be a former agent for AFOSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations). Robert Collins stated that this particular case from the files of AFOSI dated October 1972. He claims that all the names, events, and places detailed in the report were real and true.

The 1972 TACAN Facility UFO Incident

On October 14, 1972, two US military pilots, Dennis Hillsgeck, and Steven Briggs were instructed to check the US government controlled Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility, located just eight miles east of McChord Air Force Base.

McChord Air Force Base is not unfamiliar with UFO reports, it also made headlines in 1959 with the crash of Air Force C-118 in Bonney Lake, an incident that was also thought by many to be down to a UFO interference.

At around 1 p.m. on the day in question, the two officers arrived at the complex, passed through the security fence surrounding the facility, and entered the building. Once inside, the officers started their assignment, they carried out the TACAN pre-assigned system checks and conducted the equipment's security checks.

At approximately 2 p.m. whilst the officers continued their checks, Briggs described hearing a strange sound coming from outside the building, he said it was similar to that of a high-pitch engine. Somewhat perplexed by what could be making the sound, he ventured outside to investigate, he quickly realised that the sound he could hear was not coming from any conventional aircraft but it was a UFO.

Briggs stood in disbelief as he witnessed a saucer-shaped object in the sky, hovering above the TACAN facility. He continued watching for several moments as the object continued to hover before it started to descend just south of the compound, and then landed.

Concerned that there was an immediate security threat, Briggs ran back inside the TACAN building and alerted his partner Hillsgeck about what he had seen. Both men rushed outside in a bid to protect the facility, but were stunned with what they saw, they claimed to see two humanoid creatures walking towards the fence surrounding the building.

Whilst both of the airmen were understandably frightened and confused at this point, Briggs ran back inside the building and called the base security police. He requested help to the TACAN building as they had intruders that were about to breach the facility.

The call from Briggs was answered by Sergeant David Holmes, the Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant, 62nd Security Police Squadron. Holmes dispatched AIC Michael Tash and Sergeant Dwight Reid to the facility to support both Briggs and Hillsgeck.

17 minutes after the initial call, the security police arrived at the scene, when they arrived they didn't see any craft, however, they found both of the airmen in a state of shock standing by their vehicle. It was reported that neither of the airmen could speak, Sergeant Reid was concerned by what appeared to be a burn mark on Hillsgeck's face and immediately called for an Air Force ambulance to attend.

Meanwhile, AIC Tash checked the surroundings and discovered unusual marks in the soil, which he described as being particularly soft, likely where the supposed UFO had landed.

Whilst checking the area he heard Reid, yelling at him to look at the sky, above them was the saucer-shaped object, directly above the facility. Sergeant Reid attempted to call through to the security police law enforcement office using his radio, the radio would not work.

Overcome with fright, Tash and Reid got both of their dazed and confused colleagues and quickly left the scene. When they got some way away from the TACAN facility they managed to get into communication with the security police office and requested that they send urgent assistance.

Four security policemen soon arrived at the scene, including Sergeant Darren Alexander and his military dog, Champ. They started carrying out a search of the area, it didn't take long before Champ alerted the squad to something approximately 400 yards south of the TACAN site.

This is when it is claimed that Sergeant Darren Alexander saw two humanoid creatures close to a remote power station holding. He demanded that they raise their hands and remain still, however, the creatures moved towards him, Alexander noted that one of the creatures was carrying something that looked like a weapon.

In an act of defense, Alexander fired 6 rounds from his Model 15, .18 calibre revolver, before quickly turning and running back to his vehicle. He radioed through to Sergeant Reid, and explained that he had just fired at the mysterious creatures, he was unsure if he had actually hit either of them and requested further backup.

The next team of security personnel quickly arrived and began searching the area. It is claimed that this team found a saucer-shaped craft standing on the ground. The team surrounded the object and called Captain Henry Stone - their supervisor. When Captain Stone arrived, the witnesses explained that the craft suddenly ascended, flew in an easterly direction and then within a few seconds vanished.

According to the claims made by Robert Collins, officials from the Special Investigations Department investigated the case heavily, taking witness statements and collecting evidence from the area, including the shell casings from Sergeant Alexander. Collings stated that the incident was classified as Top Secret and has remained in the AFOSI files marked as unsolved ever since.

Let us know your opinions on the claims made by Robert Collins in the comments section below. Now you have read about the McChord Air Force Base UFO encounter, make sure you read about the Colorado Ranch cattle mutilations and alien visitation.


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