Mexican CFE Workers Killed By Drug Cartel Enforcers In Case Of Mistaken Identity

Two workers from the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) were killed on Tuesday in the state of Sonora by gunmen from the criminal gang "La Linea", the leading faction of the Juárez Cartel.

The attack took place on Tuesday in the Mexican state of Sonora
The attack took place on Tuesday in the Mexican state of Sonora

At around 9.00am on Tuesday, two crews of workers from CFE were attacked while driving along the Hermosillo-Yecora highway, the attack left two dead and two others injured.

Sonora's Secretary of Government, Alvaro Bracamonte Sierra, said that the attack was carried out by a group of hired killers.

Investigators claim that the attack was a case of mistaken identity and that the gunmen believed the workers were members of a rival drug cartel.

Mr Bracamonte said: "We are informed by the Attorney General's Office that one of the vans they were in, there were two vans, one stopped to relieve itself and that is where the confusion occurred, but it is the Attorney General's Office who took ownership of the situation and is carrying out the investigations of the CFE workers."

La Linea is the leading faction of the Juarez Cartel, originally designed to be a highly trained armed enforcer unit within the cartel that was founded by a number of former and active-duty police officers, heavily armed and extensively trained in urban warfare.

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