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Angry Local's Descend On Paedophile's Home After Disgusting Chats With Nine Children

A horrible paedophile who was caught having disgusting sexual chats with nine different "girls" attempted to commit suicide by taking 24 paracetamol tablets when an angry mob descended on his home.

Paedophile Carl Evans, 56, was jailed for 4 years at Manchester Crown Court
Paedophile Carl Evans, 56, was jailed for 4 years at Manchester Crown Court

Carl Evans, the 56-year-old paedophile attempted to talk sexually to young girls online for his own warped sexual satisfaction, however, he was actually talking to a group of paedophile hunters who had set up "decoy" profiles to uncover child sex predators.

Manchester Crown Court heard that when the vigilante group went to confront Evans at his home in Salford, there was "considerable public disorder" when members of the public displayed "aggression and violence" towards him.

Greater Manchester Police had to remove Evans from the area. After his arrest, he was released under investigation and then went on to have further sexual chats with another decoy.

While speaking to what he believed were young girls, Evans attempted to meet with a girl in Moses Gate park in Bolton.

Judge Bernadette Baxter told Evans: "I am told you don't know why you did it.

"I'm afraid it is all too clear why you did it, you are a paedophile who has a sexual interest in girls of this age, who are children."

Prosecutor Joe Allman told the court how Evans quickly turned the conversation sexual and asked them to send him pictures of themselves. He added that in some cases, Evans, told the girls his real age and described himself as a "nice man" and questioned whether they could "trust each other".

When he was confronted by the vigilante group at his home in July last year, Evans called 999.

When police arrived at the property, Evans told them he had taken 24 paracetamol tablets in an attempt to end his life.

The judge jailed the vile paedophile to four years in prison.

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