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MoD Claims Top Russian Commander "Killed Himself After Realising 90% Of His Tanks Are Useless"

Russian commander takes his own life over realisation of failures in Ukraine

Ukraine has today claimed that a top Russian commander took his own life after coming to the realisation of how weak the reserve vehicles in his unit were. Kyiv said that the Russian soldier killed himself when he concluded that 90% of tanks in reserve were unusable and un-serviceable because parts had been stolen.

Sources in Ukraine, although not verified, have said some tanks did not even have engines or had almost been completely dismantled.

Since the start of the invasion in Ukraine, many people have criticized Russia's military for being much weaker than it had previously claimed, stating that they have become bogged down in a protracted battle that Kremlin officials first thought would take only a matter of days.

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence said the Russian army was struggling and the "problem of the impossibility of restoring equipment after 'deconservation' from warehouses."

The update stated: "Currently, the enemy RVB is trying to put into operation a significant amount of equipment coming from long-term storage facilities.

"The condition of this equipment is mostly extremely unsatisfactory, which makes its full use impossible

"At present, plans to transfer equipment taken from storage to the front have actually been thwarted."

Verifiable figures are not yet known, however, Ukraine has claimed that 16,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in the war and thousands more have either been injured or surrendered.

In Moscow, senior general Sergei Rudskoi has hinted that Russia is now scaling back its invasion, stating the main aim is now to control the eastern Donbas region.

His statement came shortly after Western media reported that a seventh Russian general, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezanstev had died while in Ukraine and that a colonel had been killed by his own demoralized unit.

Before his reported death, Rezanstev had claimed on the fourth day of the invasion that it would only be a "matter of hours before Ukraine falls". He died in the commanding post of the 49th Russian Army which was destroyed.

The Kremlin also sacked army Commander General Vlaislav last week due to Russia's heavy losses.

Major-Generals Oleg Mityaev, Vitaly Gerasimov, Andrei Sukhovetsky, General Magomed Tushaev, and Commander Andrew Kolesnikov are also all believed to have been killed while serving in Ukraine.

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