Mum-of-Two Mauled To Death & Partner Left With Life-Changing Injuries In Brutal Dog Attack

A mum-of-two was brutally mauled to death by her American Bully XL pet dog in a vicious attack that almost also killed her partner at their home in Rotherham, England.

Joanne Robinson and the killer dog, Rocco
Joanne Robinson and the killer dog, Rocco

The 43-year-old mum-of-two Joanne Robinson was killed by one of the family's two American Bully XL dogs at her home in Rotherham.

The victim is said to have been returning home from a night out before she was pinned down by the jaws of one of her dogs, named Rocco.

Her 42-year-old partner, Jamie Stead, suffered horrific injuries to his hands, chest, and face, as he tried desperately to free Joanne from the jaws of the attacking dog.

Mr Stead was rushed to hospital where he had undergone skin grafting for the potentially life-changing injuries he had sustained.

Vets euthanized both of the dogs after police took them away from the property following the attack.

A warning sign on the front wall of their home read: "Beware of the dog."

Speaking outside the family home, Joanne's mum, Dotty Robinson, said: "I am in total disbelief and shock. I just hope it was quick and that she didn't suffer too much.

"I want everyone to know how well-loved she was. She was born and bred in this village. They all know her and love her."

Tributes laid outside the home in Rotherham
Tributes were laid outside the home in West Melton

When talking about the dogs, Dotty said that Rocco was nearly two, and his two-year-old mate, Bully XL bitch Lola had also been seized by police.

Dotty explained that her daughter and Mr Stead had had both of the dogs since they were puppies. She said: "They were good dogs, they are not a banned breed and were not dangerous. They were not related but they got on well together. I don't know why they suddenly snapped. "I can only think they turned mad in the extreme heat. It must have set them off. "Rocco's a big dog, he's bigger than a lion, he was like a small horse."

Dotty described how her daughter had been out to visit a friend and had walked back into the property at approximately 10pm.

She said: "She was downstairs and suddenly Rocco attacked her, it got her, I think it was around the throat. "Lola was going mad, she was trying to be protective, Joanne's partner, but we call him her husband, tried to save her. "He was trying to get Lola out of the room, he had no choice but to get her out and during that time Rocco attacked."

Joanne's neighbours recalled how they had heard horrific screams coming from the top of the road.

South Yorkshire Police said: "We were called to a property on Masefield Road in West Melton last night around 10:15pm when a member of the public stated that a dog had attacked him and a woman. "Officers arrived with the Yorkshire Ambulance Brigade and found a 42-year-old-man with a potentially life-threatening injury to one arm, as well as injuries to the other arm, abdomen, and face.

"A 43-year-old woman was mortally bitten, and, despite the best efforts of the rescuers, she was sadly pronounced dead on the spot."

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