Mummified Body Found In Bathtub As Woman Arrested For Burglary In Arizona

Police officers found a mummified body laying in a bathtub at a property in northwest Arizona when responding to an ongoing burglary. A woman was arrested who was stealing the belongings of the deceased.

Christine Walters, 65, was arrested at the scene and charged with burglary
Christine Walters, 65, was arrested at the scene and charged with burglary

The grim discovery was made on Saturday morning when law enforcement officers from Bullhead City Police Department were responding to a call to the 100 block of Palm Avenue to a report of a potential burglary in progress.

Upon entering the property, officers found a dead body in the bathtub in a "mummified state".

Neighbours told police that they had not seen the owner of the property for over a year, it is unclear exactly how long the deceased had been laying in the bathtub.

65-year-old Christine Walters was arrested at the scene and charged with two counts of burglary. Police said that the death of the homeowner and the arrest are not thought to be connected.

Officers described finding Walters "rummaging through property" at the home which showed signs of forced entry. Authorities confirmed that they discovered that Walters had previously entered the address on 8 September and "removed purses, bags, and clothing of the victim to attempt to sell online."

When arrested, Walters was in possession of the victim's birth certificate, driver's licence, credit cards, and tax paperwork. She was also said to have had a "useable amount of methamphetamine" on her, police said.

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