Mum's Throat Cut, Dad Stabbed And Boy, 11, Shot During Terrifying Robbery In London

Two men have been jailed for their part in a horrific robbery in London that resulted in an 11-year-old boy being shot, his father stabbed, and his mother having her throat cut.

Antony Lascelles (left) and Christopher Sargent have both been jailed for the robbery in Upminster
Antony Lascelles (left) and Christopher Sargent have both been jailed for the robbery in Upminster

An 11-year-old boy was shot, his mum had her throat cut and his dad was stabbed when thugs broke into their home in east London after one of them posed as a delivery driver.

As the third member of the gang was jailed for 18 years on Friday, prosecutor Alistair Richardson described the incident as "the sort of crime of our nightmares."

Laura Hawkins required stitches after a razor-sharp staple knife was pressed against her throat but miraculously was not critically injured. Her husband, Raymond, who was stabbed during the robbery managed to escape a life-changing injury. Their 11-year-old son has been left with a permanent disability after being shot in the shoulder when he heroically attempted to come to the aid of his father.

An emotional Raymond couldn't hold back his tears in court when Judge Patricia Lees awarded his son a commendation from the High Sheriff of London for his "outstanding bravery and selflessness" in trying to protect his dad.

Antony Lascelles was sentenced to 23 years in prison for the robbery
Investigators pictured taking evidence from the crime scene

On May 1, 2020, Christopher Sargent, one member of the gang, impersonated a delivery driver and rang the doorbell of the family home on Kerry Drive, Upminster at around 9:30pm.

In CCTV footage taken from the property, Sargent could be seen approaching the door carrying a parcel while dressed in a delivery driver uniform.

When Raymond went to take the parcel, he was told "no, Covid", and Sargent put the package on the floor. While he bent over to pick it up, he was violently attacked before Sargent ran into the house brandishing a knife, while three other hooded men - Lascelles and two others who have not yet been captured - followed in with their weapons drawn.

Prosecutor Alistair Richardson said: "On 1 May 2020, only a few weeks after the first national lockdown started, the Hawkins family were subjected to the sort of crime of our nightmares. Raymond and Laura Hawkins were at home with their 11-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter.

"A man arrived at their door, pretending to be a delivery driver. Raymond opened the door to him. The man violently forced his way into the house, followed by three more men, faces masked. They were all armed with knives. Those men attacked and robbed the Hawkins family. They pinned Raymond, the father, to the ground and stabbed him in the head. He lost consciousness.

"Antony Lascelles and another of the robbers held a knife to Laura, the mother's throat, and forced her up to her bedroom in their hunt for cash and valuables. One of them even held a knife to their 11-year-old son's throat, to threaten him, and ensure the family complied with their demands. The men got some valuables, some jewellery, and three of them left. Antony Lascelles became trapped in the house."

Laura had heard the screams coming from her husband and then saw four men running in "like animals", Lascelles then held a staple knife to her neck and dragged her to the bedroom. The thugs were shouting "give me the cash" and "where are the Rolexes?", even though the family kept no cash in the house. Laura received a knife wound to her neck that required stitches, she was then thrown face down onto the bed, leading her to believe she was about to be raped.

Meanwhile, Raymond was being violently beaten in the hall, this is when one of the robbers held a knife to their son's throat. Eventually, three of the attackers fled the house, believing that the police had been called, Lascelles however, remained in the bedroom. Judge Lees said in her sentencing note that his decision to continue searching for money showed his "level of determination" and "single-minded ruthless conduct".

Authorities at the scene of the brutal robbery
Authorities at the scene of the brutal robbery

When Raymond regained consciousness he managed to lock the front door, not realising that Lascelles was still in the house. When he ran up the stairs to search for his wife, he was met by Lascelles and a scuffle ensued.

This was when the 11-year-old boy ran to attempt to help his father and was shot in the shoulder, the couple's nine-year-old daughter was hiding under her bed listening to her family being attacked.

Lascelles then fled the scene and went to the home of Ajay Singh, a man who had not taken part in the robbery but was responsible for organising it.

Armed police arrived at the Hawkins family home and the young boy was rushed to hospital with a major trauma injury. The brave young boy has been left with limited use of his arm as a consequence of the gunshot. The robbers left with £36,000 worth of jewellery and sentimental items.

Following a police investigation, Lascelles, of Harold Hill, was arrested and charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent and robbery. After a retrial, he was acquitted of the first charge as the jury could not prove that he had shown intent to injure his victim.

Sargent pleaded guilty to robbery, and Singh was later convicted of robbery following a trial. Another person who was initially charged with assisting an offender was acquitted by a jury, and the two other men involved in the robbery remain at large.

Judge Lees said that it would have been clear to the attackers that it was a family home, and that the 11-year-old boy was "clearly visible" through the living room window where he was sitting playing his Xbox. She added: "It isn't clear to me why the Hawkins family were targeted, being a determined attack or a case of mistaken identity.

"One thing is certain, they were a completely innocent family whose lives have been shattered during those violent and long 10 minutes. You, together with others, caused and executed that attack, terrorising that family. That family included two young children."

After the attack, the couple suffered from post-traumatic stress which left them feeling "unsafe and frightened".

Judge Lees added: "There is no doubt that severe psychological trauma has been sustained by all four members of the Hawkins family as well as physical injury."

Anthony Lascelles, 34, was sentenced to 18 years with an extended licence period of five years.

Christopher Sargent, 28, was sentenced to 15 years with an extended licence period of five years.

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