Notorious Wildlife Trophy Hunter Riaan Naude Gunned Down In "Execution Style" Killing

The notorious trophy hunter Riaan Naude has been shot dead in what police have described as an "execution-style" murder. Naude had spent years posing for photographs with the carcasses of endangered animals he had killed. Some have called it "karma".

Riann Naude gunned down in South Africa in execution style killing
Riaan Naude gunned down in South Africa in an execution-style killing

55-year-old Riaan Naude was always happy to model next to animals he had shot dead, he killed large and endangered animals including lions, elephants, and giraffes for "sport".

Police said in a statement that Naude was found in the South African province of Limpopo, he had been shot dead next to his vehicle.

The area is world-renowned for its wildlife reserves, including part of the country's Kruger National Park. Lieutenant Colonel Mamphaswa Seabi said: "The man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face."

Naude happily posed with the images of animals he had killed
Naude happily posed with the images of animals he had killed

Authorities found two hunting rifles, water, whiskey, clothes, and pyjamas in Naude's vehicle.

Naude ran Pro Hunt Africa, a company that described itself on its website and Facebook page as a "Hunting and Eco Safari Outfit" in South Africa.

The Heritage Protection Group, a non-profit organisation against rhino poaching said that Naude had stopped his vehicle after it overheated at the side of the road, approximately 5km from Mokopane.

They said: "A man shot him in cold blood at close range" after another vehicle pulled up next to him.

They added that two suspects got out of their vehicle, stole one of his guns, and then left, heading towards Marken.

Riann Naude was found next next to his vehicle
Riaan Naude was found next next to his vehicle

Many people on social media called the news of his killing "karma." One user tweeted: "Hunter Hunted. There is a party in animal heaven." Another tweet read: "I'm not happy, but animals should not be anyone's trophy; they should live and survive in their habitat naturally."

Another comment said: "No more abusing defenceless animals, when I look at this picture I can't feel sorry for him."

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