Paedophile Pensioner Who Raped A Child More Than 60 Times Dies In Prison Weeks After Sentencing

An evil paedophile who ruined the life of an "extremely young child" by raping her more than 60 times has died in prison just several weeks after starting a 25-year sentence for his disgusting crimes.

Paeodophile child rapist James Knowles has died in prison
Paeodophile child rapist James Knowles has died in prison

78-year-old James Knowles was responsible for carrying out horrific "depraved sexual acts" on the young girl decades ago, however, he remained free until he was finally jailed in July last year.

His victim who was left psychologically damaged and extremely traumatised by what this beast had done to her went to the police in the 1990s, but they told her "there was nothing they could do because it happened years ago."

The woman managed to find the courage to approach the police again, this time in 2018, and her claims were taken seriously by detectives.

Knowles, of Amber Way in Stockbridge Village, was jailed at Liverpool Crown Court and was to serve his sentence at HMP Liverpool, where the judge told him he would almost certainly die due to his end-stage heart disease.

The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman (PPO) have now released a Fatal Incident Report that has revealed how Knowles only lasted around two months before dying in the prison wing.

An inquest in October last year registered the cause of death as end-stage heart failure, caused by ischaemic heart disease which means narrowing of the arteries to the heart.

In July 2021, Judge David Aubrey, sentencing Knowles, told him "your evil past has now caught up with you. You are likely to die in prison."

At his trial, the vile child rapist was found guilty of six counts of rape and three counts of indecent assault. The jury was told how each count of rape specified he had raped the girl "on no less than 10 occasions".

Prosecutor, Mr Keith Sutton, told the jury thatKnowles had told his family that he had "messed around" with and had "done some bad things" to the victim but blamed it on him being mentally unwell at the time. The victim described how she was raped "weekly" by him.

Judge Aubrey explained that this verdict meant Knowles would be sentenced for raping the young girl "on no less than 60 occasions". He said: "It can properly and indeed only be described in my judgement as a persistent campaign of rape upon a particularly vulnerable child."

The brave woman read a victim statement in court, in which she described the horrendous impact the sexual abuse had on her life and how she spent her childhood "looking over my shoulder", and how Knowles "did not only rob me of my childhood, but my life."

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