Animal Abusing Paedophile Undertaker Who Invited Man To Have Sex With A Corpse Is Jailed

A court in the UK has heard how disgusting undertaker Nigel Robinson-Wright engaged in watching a man sexually abusing a puppy, and agreed to meet a paedophile who was offering up a toddler to be raped, as well as inviting a man to have sex with a corpse in the chapel of rest.

Blackpool funeral director paedophile is Jailed for 17 years
Blackpool funeral director paedophile is Jailed for 17 years

Prosecutor, Kim Whittlestone, told Preston Crown Court how 42-year-old Nigel Robinson-Wright had been talking to animal abusers, paedophiles, and people with a sexual fantasy of dead bodies while using encrypted chatrooms.

Robinson-Wright had previously encouraged another man as he was sexually abusing a puppy and even arranged to meet up with a paedophile who was offering up a toddler to be raped.

Police uncovered Robinson-Wright's depraved world of sexual fantasy following the arrest of a paedophile in London in September 2021. Online chats between the two men led police directly to the funeral director.

On November 1, 2021, authorities went to the home of Robinson-Wright in Chain Lane, Blackpool.

Officers seized a number of devices from his home and prosecutor Whittlestone said: "He was in possession of indecent images and there was evidence of him distributing images. Extreme pornography was discovered, involving torture and sexual abuse of children and animals.

Ms Whittlestone added: "The defendant had been in contact with others via social media and had been organising the commission of sexual offences against children, dogs, and dead bodies."

One man, who was certainly familiar to Robinson-Wright, shared sexual fantasies about the dead bodies at the Preston funeral home where Robinson-Wright worked.

Ms Whittlestone said: "There was a strong theme of necrophilia where it was openly discussed between the parties".

Robinson-Wright talked about being high on crystal meth and poppers and offering to supply the man with drugs. They both discussed sexual activity in the funeral home, with one message reading, "It was horny when we f***ed by the lectern."

In a different conversation, the defendant was in contact with a paedophile and made arrangements to meet with the other man so he could sexually abuse a child. Preston Crown Court heard how police had intercepted the chat before their horrific plan came to fruition.

In various other conversations, Robinson-Wright openly discussed his fascination with Fred West and Jamie Bulger.

The 42-year-old funeral director from Blackpool initially gave no comment during questioning with police, but he later pleaded guilty to: arranging the commission of a child sexual offence, three counts of making indecent images, eight counts of distributing indecent images, possession of a prohibited image of a child, possession of extreme pornography, two counts of intentionally encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence by inviting an unknown man to the mortuary and encouraging a man to sexually abuse a dog, and attempting to supply a class A drug.

Tom Lord, defending, said that his client's guilty plea was his best mitigation. He said: "The defendant's plea is a concession of what can only be described as licentious deviancy and a grotesque breach of trust."

Judge Graham Knowles QC, sentencing, said: "These taken together are abhorrent offences."

"Nigel William Robinson-Wright, you cast off your own humanity and you made a choice to relentlessly pursue cruelty, degradation, and depravity. You gloried in it. Your targets were all powerless - babies, infants, children, the dead, and animals. Some of what you did was to look at images. Some of what you did was to gloat over those images with other like-minded perverts. Rather than cherish, protect, and respect children, the dead, animals, and others, as others do, time and time again you revelled in iniquity."

Nigel Robinson-Wright was sentenced to 17 years in prison with an eight-year extended licence period.

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