Paedophile Who Identifies As A 5-Year-Old Girl Avoids Prison After Attending Court Dressed As An Elf

61-year-old Janiel Verainer of High Street, Chatham, Kent, England, appeared in court before Christmas dressed as an elf. Before a sentencing hearing last week, the thumb-sucking paedophile left a dummy on a counter following a routine search at Maidstone Crown Court.

61-year-old paedophile Janiel Verainer avoids prison for breaching legal order
61-year-old paedophile Janiel Verainer avoids prison for breaching legal order

Janiel Verainer, 61, sat in the dock wearing pigtails, an Alice band, a dress, long socks, and a cape, the paedophile started to cry on hearing the charge of breaching a legal order carried a maximum two-year sentence.

Judge Philip St John-Stevens heard how the 61-year-old sex pest had played the piano at a gathering in 2019 and then kissed two young children on the lips.

His unacceptable actions breached a Sexual Harm Prevention Order made at Canterbury Crown Court in 2016 which required Verainer to stay away from children.

During the 2016 hearing, 61-year-old Janiel Verainer claimed to identify as a 5-year-old girl and requested to be called Jorven Seren, however, he was jailed for 15 months for kissing a young girl outside a cafe in Thanet.

At the time he was living in Grotto Hill, Margate, after his initial arrest police uncovered indecent images of children on his phone.

The sex offender was reprimanded by the judge during the 2016 hearing for hugging a large doll in court.

Psychiatrists explained to the court that they had carried out an evaluation on Verainer and confirmed he had personality problems but did not suffer from any mental health issues.

Janie Verainer admitted to the 2019 offence before Christmas, while he entered court dressed as a Christmas elf, complete with a Santa Claus badge.

Eve George, Verainer's defence barrister told the judge that he was "absolutely terrified" of being sent back to prison.

The convicted paedophile, who admitted to breaching the order, was handed a seven-month jail term suspended for 18 months on Friday.

Verainer was also ordered to partake in 20 rehabilitation days with the probation service to address his issues.

The judge extended the Sexual Harm Prevention Order to 2030, however, he did not order Verainer to pay the £1,800 court costs.

The British public is growing increasingly frustrated with the soft sentencing for sex offenders.

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